Easy Puff HTV from Siser

Puff Vinyl Gives You the Vintage Advantage

Sometimes it seems that “everything old is new again” – or should we say "everything 'vintage' is new again"? One comeback is fashion which features puffy graphics.

Memories of 80s fashions include “mall bangs,” parachute pants, and oversized t-shirts with puffy, geometric-patterned 3-D designs or logos. And in such bright colors!

Remember the puffy kids t-shirts featuring a certain group of loving bears or those metallic puffy designs for those many "hair bands"? You can create equally interesting wearables, totes,  and even custom business products with Siser Easy Puff heat transfer vinyl.

Throwback Fashion Meets Updated Puff HTV

Offering puffy wearables to your customers could prove to be an inventive income stream for you, and Easy®️Puff heat transfer vinyl is easy to apply, producing great results..

Siser heat transfer vinyl has a great reputation in the sign and design industries, and Easy®️Puff from Siser (also referred to as Siser EasyPuff or Easy Puff HTV) comes in a variety of bright colors (and even a couple of metallics!) and when applied, this HTV puffs up to create unique textures. Think of all your options to customize your designs! The visual impact of designs made with this raised vinyl, or puffy vinyl, is attention-grabbing as the dips and rises of the vinyl can be subtle or obvious, depending on the style of the design and the colors used. The metallic puffy vinyl is especially appealing for club wear, concerts, and other events. 

Siser Easy®️Puff is a quality heat transfer vinyl that’s perfect for 3-D designs. This HTV puffs out when heat is applied, and makes your designs make a bold statement. Large designs work well for Easy Puff, because design elements can be magnified or left one-dimensional, making the designs more interesting.


Easy Puff HTV from Siser

Why Does It Puff?

When heat is applied, Easy®️Puff expands and rises, kind of like puff pastry does in the oven. Simple designs become Wow designs.

It only takes a low application temperature with a pressure-sensitive carrier to create the look. Puffs with one press! Don’t get excited and keep pressing, because you will ruin the puff. Multiple heat applications will flatten the vinyl, and this puffy vinyl is not recommended for application with a home iron. If you want puff, you gotta use the right stuff!

Making Siser Easy Puff HTV Work for You

Siser Easy Puff HTV raises up to a puffy finish up to three times its height when heat is properly applied (Due to the manufacturing process, material may vary in width by 1/4"-1/2")

  • Backed with a sticky liner
  • Has a textured feel and finish
  • CPSIA certified for use on children's clothing
  • Composition: PET
  • Blade: 45° or 60°
  • Thickness: 100 Microns/3.9 Mils
  • Can be layered, but must be applied last as the top layer
  • Backing: Pressure sensitive
  • Finish: Matte (for colorful Siser puffy vinyl) or brushed metal (for metallic Siser puffy vinyl)
  • The texture of applied material can vary from lightly to heavily texture
  • Roll width: 11.8"

Easy Puff adheres to:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Poly / Cotton Blends
  • 100% Polyester
Siser EasyPuff Easy Puff puffy heat transfer vinyl

Recommended application (but do your own tests before starting a large project):

  1. Cover your heat press with a heat transfer cover sheet (or multipurpose paper) 
  2. Preheat the material the vinyl will be applied to for 2 to 3 seconds
  3. Apply the logo or design at 280°F / 138ºC
  4. Use medium/firm pressure for 8-10 seconds
  5. Peel the carrier while hot
  6. Apply Easy Puff HTV last if using it along with other vinyl or materials.

Caution: Easy Puff is designed to withstand only one heat press application. Repeated applications will “flatten” the puff effect permanently.

 Washing Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold
  • Use mild detergent
  • Wait 24 hours after application of puffy vinyl before first wash
  • Tumble dry on low setting
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Wash inside-out for best results (and inform your customers)

Siser Easy Puff  EasyPuff from Siser Easy Puff from Siser puffy v

 Easy Puff HTV from Siser


Create new puffy designs or renew vintage ones with puffy heat transfer vinyl.! Relive your 80s childhood - or that of your parents - by creating wearables and more with featuring puffy graphics. Siser Easy®️Puff HTV will help you produce professional or casual looks for your customers and their families. Bright colors or metallics can be made to create a textured logo or design. Your work will stand out, and so will your graphics with puff heat transfer vinyl.