Simplicity in a zen garden
Offering too many choice is a sure way to kill the sale. Simplicity is best.

We have a tendency to think that the more sign options we put out there, the more sign sales we will make. While it is true that customers will be looking for specific solutions to their signage problems, having too many design layouts, or too many choices, can leave a customer feeling overwhelmed. The trick is finding the balance between offering too much, and offering too little; you want to assure the customer that you can create whatever he desires, guiding him to a tailored solution through your sign layout choices.

When customers approach you to purchase a sign, they have already decided that they need one. When presented with a few simple options to choose from they are likely going to make up their mind pretty quickly and bam, you have a sale.

When you give the customer too many choices the sale is prolonged by the need to decide a ton of other things before actually making the purchase. It can intimidate, delay, or even negate a prospective sale. Avoid overwhelming and confusing your customers by offering a few basic sample layouts. If they have an idea in their head that you haven't presented, chances are they will mention it.

Don't worry about showing them every single thing you are capable of doing right off the bat. Make the initial sale and if they are satisfied they will come back when they are in need of additional services. Keeping things clear and simple is especially important when doing business over the internet. More often than not Web sites end up confusing customers or deterring them from making a purchase by making it too difficult to buy. Make sure that your site is:

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Has clear, focused copy.
  • Contains a reasonable number of products.
  • Provides clear explanations of products.
  • Has easy directions on how to purchase.

By keeping it simple in the store and online, you will find that making sign sales will be easier than you thought it could be.