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If you have a growing garment decoration business, you may have experienced the physical toll of running your heat press all day. Pull it closed, pull it open, repeat, repeat, repeat. Even if you have an auto-release model, you still have to tug it down to start the cycle. That can get old. Wouldn’t life be sweeter if you didn’t have to work quite so hard to stick those transfers? No worries. We’ve got your back. And your arms and shoulders. Just kidding. We have your new high-volume, low effort heat transfer solution. It’s called the Silver Bolt 1620PA premium auto heat press.

SilverBolt 1620PA Heat Press Overview

SilverBolt 1620PA

SIGNWarehouse has been exceeding customers’ expectations for over 35 years. We use our buying power to provide brand name solutions at wholesale prices. Outstanding value is in our DNA. The latest example of this is the new line of SilverBolt of heat presses. SilverBolt heat presses are designed for efficient, high-volume production of heat transfers. Whether you’re working in sublimation, laser transfer, DTF transfers, or good old HTV, we have a SilverBolt press that will help you take your business to the next level.

The SilverBolt 1620PA is the range-topper, the finest we have to offer. It delivers on the SilverBolt promise of higher productivity by way of its unique push button auto closing and opening feature. To close the press, just press the two green buttons on either side of the control panel. The press closes, then automatically rises at the end of the cycle. No huffing, no puffing, no fatigue. The heat platen is electrically actuated. No compressed air required. The 1620PA allows you to crank out transfers all day long without raising a sweat.

SilverBolt 1620PA Features

The SilverBolt 1620PA also offers a large backlit control panel with a digital pressure display that provides precise control of the closing distance and pressure. That coupled with its wide opening specification enables decoration of thicker items. Here’s the full feature set.

SilverBolt 1620PA_heat press_pushbutton
The press is activated with the push of a button.

Push-button Electric auto open/close: As noted above, the 1620PA is actuated by two buttons on the upper control housing. Pressing both lowers the press according to the time and pressure set by the operator. The press automatically rises at the end of the cycle. Pressing transfers all day is no longer a strength-training exercise. Just thread the garment and push the buttons. Easy peasy.

Digital Pressure Display: Speaking of closing, the amount of force is managed within the digital control panel. Choose a value from 5 to 30 to apply up to 750 lbs. of clamping power. Choosing a lower value not only regulates the pressure applied, but affects the amount of vertical motion. In other words, it’s easy to press thicker items by choosing a lower pressure setting to limit how far the heat platen descends. It’s an elegant bit of engineering that folds two benefits into one feature.

Larger control panel: The 4” backlit, touch screen control panel also houses all the standard controls for time, temperature, switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and calibrating the temperature display. It also has an auto-calibration feature that makes any adjustments needed to keep the displayed temperature in sync with the actual platen temperature. No math required.

Wider opening. You might say the SilverBolt 1620PA has a big mouth. It opens to 2.5” so it can accommodate items up to 2” thick. Pressing things like hoodies, wood panels, and ceramic tiles are a cinch. This opens up a wider world of possible items for your heat transfer business. Whether you’re into sublimation or HTV, you now have more options than ever.

SilverBolt 1620PA control panel
The SilverBolt 1620PA control panel is large and user-friendly

Threadable Swing-arm. The SilverBolt 1620PA is also a modern swing-arm heat press. The swing away action makes loading items safe and easy and the threadable lower table makes it easy to get wrinkle-free transfers.

Accurate temperature, consistent pressure. Like all SilverBolt heat presses, the 1620PA’s advanced digital control module produces even heat across the platen. And the swing-arm design and vertical actuation produce consistent pressure front-to-back. This makes the 1620PA ideal for challenging applications like laser transfers.

Optional Caddie: To complete your wish list, we offer the 1620PA with an optional caddie. It’s a sturdy aluminum floor stand on rolling casters that will help you place the press where you need it and conserve valuable worktable space.

SilverBolt 1620PA Applications

The SilverBolt 1620PA is suitable for just about any desktop and wide format heat transfer application. Here’s a short list of supported applications.

  • Apparel sublimation transfers
  • Sublimating hard surfaces such as mouse pads, wood signs, and ceramic tiles.
  • Laser transfer for apparel decoration
  • Laser transfer to hard-surface items including mouse pads, wood, and leather
  • Print & cut apparel transfers
  • DTF apparel transfers
  • Cad-cut HTV transfers to performance apparel, cotton tees, blended fabric, sweatshirts, and more.

Price and Support

The SilverBolt 1620PA has features found on presses that cost well over $2,500 or more. Those high-end ‘brand name’ heat presses are excellent products. Our SilverBolt presses are too, but they cost a little less. The SilverBolt 1620SA costs only $1,999.00 plus shipping. Each SilverBolt heat press comes with a QuickStart Guide to help get you up and running uh…quickly. The user manual includes all the essential info for successful setup and use of the heat press, including troubleshooting tips and recommended settings for common heat transfer applications. And, if you find yourself with questions, not to worry. Each 1620PA premium auto heat press comes with a one-year warranty and one year of SIGNWarehouse Gold Customer Care. Considering the unprecedented disruptions in the global supply chain, the other bit of good news is that they’re in stock and ready to ship. Get yours here.

So, if your shirt shop or sublimation business is growing, but you’re tired of tugging on a heat press all day, we have your solution. Or, if you’re still planning your startup but want to be sure you’re outfitted for maximum return on investment with minimal muscle, we have what you’re looking for. The SilverBolt 1620PA premium auto heat press will take your heat transfer business to the next level. It’s engineered to help you make more bank without breaking your back.