Salesperson selling just to sell
What kind of salesperson are you? Do you sell a solution, or sell just to close the deal?

Salesmen are notorious for doing anything for the sale. You have likely heard of, or experienced first-hand, a number of the gimmicks that some salesmen use to try and close a sale. Even if you are not a salesman by nature, you may have tried some of them in attempt to sell your signs. After all, selling your sign is what makes the sale.

What makes the difference between a good salesman and a bad one is that a good one knows how to be himself while selling his product. If you are constantly trying one new method after another, you will never find one that fits with your personality. It is vital that you remain a person first, and salesman second. When you find a pitch that works for you, stick with it. It should feel natural; being genuine is often a bigger seller than anything else, and your customers will see it in your sales pitch. To have lasting selling power, implement the following practices:

  • Show a true interest in the other party and their needs.
  • Be a solution seller... What do you have that solves a problem for your prospective customer?
  • Be open and honest in a way that your customers can perceive.
  • Identify how you can help your customer fulfill his needs and focus on that, rather than selling him something he doesn't need just because it has a higher price tag.
  • Resist all sales gimmicks. You're better than that.

Really, the ultimate goal is not to turn yourself into a salesperson; it is to become the kind of person who can make sales. Do this by identifying how to sell your products. Set up a system to follow, but be careful that making sales doesn't become mechanical. Work to make the system become a part of you to make it genuine. Putting these practices into place can get you on the road to selling signs the right way in no time.