Running a sign business can be pretty scary. In fact, sometimes it is downright frightening. However, no matter how scared you may be, you can still run your sign making business fearlessly. Here's how.

Afraid of the dark? Turn on the light. Yes, it is that simple. Everything is so much scarier in the dark. Once you shed some light on the situation, you may find it to be a lot less frightening.

For example, you know your business needs a website. But, how much is that going to cost you? What does having a good website entail? How do you create (and promote) a good website? When you have so many questions without any answers it is easy to feel as if what you don't know is going to ruin you. Instead of stumbling your way through the process, turn on the lights. Don't imagine the big monster of Google is waiting in the dark corner, ready to pounce. Ask several website designers for quotes. Sit down and discuss plans for your site. Educate yourself. Sure, the whole process may still be big and intimidating, but at least you know what you are up against, rather than fumbling your way around in the dark, scared out of your mind.

Don't want to be alone? You don't have to be. Scary situations are always easier to face when you are with someone. (Preferably gripping their hand so hard your knuckles are white.) Don't plunge head first into what scares you alone. Get someone to help you.

For example, you have got your blog up and running, people are visiting your website, they are even coming back for more, but you have yet to make a dent in the social networking scene. The very thought of creating a Facebook page has you biting your nails to the cuticle. Here are your options: read an endless number of articles on this site and others about how to use Facebook to help your business, or ask a friend who is a wiz with Facebook for some pointers. Can you see what the easier, less-stressful option is? If you don't have a friend who can help you out, ask around. Consider hiring someone. Make sure they help you learn how to do it yourself, that way when they aren't around you'll be able to fend for yourself.

Still scared? There are certain fears that turning on the lights and grabbing a friend's hand can't match. For those you need a bigger force for good; you need your mommy. Not your real mommy of course, but a metaphorical mommy. A metaphorical mommy is someone who will take the problem away, and make everything all better. If taxes are your enemy, your mommy is your accountant. If advertising scares you to death, your mommy is a marketing expert. SEO experts, business managers, Internet and technology whiz's, they can all serve to be your mommy and make everything all right for you and your small business.

So you see, even in business there is no reason to be afraid. Every problem can be faced with courage, as long as you turn on the lights, have a friend's hand to hold, and as a last resort, run to mommy.