Ride the Wave! OraJET 3551RA+ ProSlide Printable Vinyl

Can you smell it? Surely you're sneezing from it! But aren't you excited?

Spring is just a few weeks away, which means summer is almost here! With the spring and summer months come more outdoor activities, sports, boating, and more will be filling our spare time and vacations. Why not jazz up your ride (street or water) with OraJET 3551RA+ ProSlide printable vinyl?

OraJET ProSlide printable vinyls bring longevity, variety, and functionality, so you have the opportunity to create a unique design for your boat, vehicle, work truck, and more!

The ORAJET ProSlide line of wrap films feature an advanced adhesive with low initial tack that supports easy repositioning of large panels. Slide it into place, then fix it with pressure. ORAJET 3951 and 3751 ProSlide films are 2-mil cast premium vinyls suitable for the most challenging compound curves, rivets, and corrugations. ORAJET 3981 ProSlide offers these features in an eco-friendly, non-PVC film.

And now, ORAJET 3551RA offers the same ease of installation in a lower-cost polymeric film for simpler wraps. 3551RA+ProSlide makes quick work of wrapping box trucks, vans, pickups, and other fleet vehicles with flat surfaces and moderate curves.



3551RA+ ProSlide Features

Orajet 3551RA+ProSlide is a 2.75-mil, high-performance polymeric PVC film with a low-initial tack adhesive, available in an arctic white gloss finish, featuring RapidAir® + ProSlide® technology. Its release liner is an 88# PE-coated silicone paper featuring RapidAir® + ProSlide® technology, which makes it able to facilitate quicker, easier application. It has a grey, solvent polyacrylate adhesive which is repositionable, low-initial-tack, and removable with heat.

In fact, it cleanly removes for up to 4 years from most well-conditioned OEM automotive paint systems. Feel free to change your mind! The ProSlide® adhesive technology enables the installer to easily position the wrap film into place due to its optimized repositionability.

Why Use OraJET ProSlide Printable Vinyl

OraJET 3551RA+ ProSlide printable vinyl is for medium-to-long-term general signage, print and cut spot vehicle and boat graphics, and automotive wraps requiring limited conformability. Make a list of what you want to decorate and go for it with ProSlide! It is the perfect vinyl for wrapping box trucks and trailers with rivets, partial pickup trucks, cargo van wraps, and simple boat wraps.

The RapidAir® technology makes installations quicker and easier by allowing air bubbles to easily escape underneath the film, especially for large format panel applications and spot graphics.

Supporting Your Wrap

We don't leave you guessing on what overlaminate to use. Pair with ORAGUARD® 215 over-laminate for general signage and flat, spot vehicle graphic applications. Pair with ORAGUARD® 293, 290, 290GF, or 297GF for automotive applications, or longer-term general signage applications.  

Recommended laminates are ORAGUARD® Series 215, 290, 290GF, 293, 297GF Print Compatibility Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable.