Love Your Mug Shot!

What do your "Greatest Dad Ever," souvenir shops, mall kiosks, airport stores, businesses offices, and caffeine dealers have in common? Unique, personalized coffee mugs. You find this drinkware for sale at all kinds of businesses. From dollar stores to high-end specialty shops, you see personalized, destination, holiday, inspirational, and photo mugs available for sale as gifts consumers buy year round for themselves and for others. Practical and easily replaceable if lost or broken, personalized drinkware is an thoughtful and appreciated gift. And as a business owner, they are a breeze to market and can be personalized for profit. Win-win!

Home crafters often design and print mugs as a hobby, and professional signmakers know that personalized mugs are a great way to advertise their own business in-house. They are also an excellent add-on for an order or even thrown in as a "freebie" to hopefully tantalize future sales. Think of all the possibilities you can create and sell just by customizing drinkware. Check out some great options for sublimation blanks made for this purpose.

If you want to be a pro at mug printing, consider the press with Pro in its name - the SilverBolt MugPro5.

MugPro5 mug press
SilverBolt MugPro5 mug press

Press On with the MugPro5

Starting in the 1990s, a few coffee companies started putting their logos on cups and mugs, and the craze began. Personalized coffee (and tea) mugs began to be popular for use for customers dining in and expanded to be available for purchase. Then the personalized mug craze revved up to include designs featuring vacation spots, cutesy sayings, individual names, business names and logos, and more. Now you even can gaze at your grandchildren's picture on your cup as you drink your favorite hot beverage from your "Grumpy Grandpa" mug.

While the drinkware personalization demand grew, the methods to make intricate designs and add photos to drinkware also evolved. But where do you start if you want to begin producing specially-designed mugs and cups?

If you are a hobbyist or a business owner, consider the SilverBolt MugPro5. It provides the versatility and options you need to create personalized drinkware for your customers in a reduced amount of time. Just think about it -- you can multi-task and increase production to build profit all at once. The SilverBolt features:

  • Backlit, touch-screen digital control panel with auto shut-off feature
  • Five Stations with independent control panels for high-volume production
  • Easy pressure adjustment accommodates various diameters
  • Programmable auto-shut off sleep mode
  • Sturdy aluminum construction

Let's Talk Multitasking

MugPro5 with five personalized mugs
Print up to five unique designs at a time!

The SilverBoltMugPro5 gives you the opportunity to personalize one to five mugs at once because it has five stations with independent power, time, and temperature controls. Produce a personalized single mug or up to five at once for a high-volume production of sublimated mugs, tumblers, and laser transfers.

Save time - which saves money - and can fulfill multiple orders at once. Read more about how the MugPro5 provides a faster return on investment with increased productivity. That's a great way to multi-task and increase production to build profit 

Time savings stats:

  • Average dwell time in heat press: 4 minutes
  • Average loading and unloading time: 45 seconds
  • Time to load, press, unload and rinse 5 mugs: 7 minutes
  • Average number of sublimated mugs per hour: 40+
  • Average retail for sublimated mugs: $9.99
  • Potential gross hourly production: $399.60

Explore Independence

Another great option you get with the SilverBolt MugPro5 is the ability to program each station independently. This allows you to simultaneously apply different designs to various kinds of drinkware, each with their own specific temperature requirements.

Think of the possibilities - custom wine tumblers are being personalized with a special design at the right temperature while ceramic mugs are being customized with another design at a different temperature. And all while you sit back and enjoy your beverage from your own drinkware.

Specs for the SilverBolt MugPro5 Multi-station mug press:

  • Control Interface: Backlit LCS IT9300 Control Panel
  • Heating Element Out Diameter: 3.2" (8.1cm)
  • Platen Open/Close Mechanism: Manual
  • Time Range: 0 - 999 Seconds
  • Maximum Temperature: 480°F (250° C)
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz0 Current: 16A Power: 1600W
  • Weight: 84 lbs (38kg)
SilverBolt dual-function clamshell press
The SilverBolt 1620CSM is two-in-one clamshell press offering dual usage

But say your more of a multitasker. If you do not want to just focus on customizing drinkware, SilverBolt has other options for you at affordable pricing. In fact, specialty garment and/or mug production is easy with another SilverBolt heat press!

It's a Two-For-One

Are you an established business wanting to expand but indecisive about whether to do customized garment or drinkware production? Or are you an individual who wants to start small with customized products? Good news - you don't have to go "all in" at once, buying separate heat presses for both kinds of jobs. With SilverBolt, you can use one machine to personalize just a few mugs and shirts at a time.

If you are not ready to print five mugs at a time and want to start small in expanding your production services, consider using the SilverBolt 1620CSM press to assist you. It is a full-sized, a two-in-one clamshell press with a mug attachment. One machine supports multiple heat transfer applications!

Expand the Pressing Possibilities

Think of all the possible customers. Team sports clubs, small businesses, employee resource groups, and civic organizations all use personalized products to unify and advertise their group. City races and charity events use personalized products for promotional items. Firefighters often pick an animal to represent their individual station and wear shirts identifying them by their mascot, such as the Fort Worth Handley Hounds.


  • Backlit, touch-screen digital control panel with auto shut-off feature
  • Quick-change mug attachment for decorating mugs and tumblers
  • Mug attachment can be used with optional 10 and 12oz mug fittings
  • Programmable auto-shutoff sleep mode
  • Even, consistent cross-platen temperature control
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Advanced backlit LCD control menu
  • One-year warranty

This rugged heat press refuses to be pigeonholed as either an apparel or a mug press. Use the 16" x 20" platen for decorating apparel and the mug attachment for decorating drinkware. It can be reconfigured in minutes for quick changes from apparel to mugs and back again. Because of their small footprint, you can even run more than one press at a time, churning out the mugs and shirts at top speed and with quality workmanship.

Whether want to dip your toe into the personalized product business, expand your current shop's personalized products, or just need to speed up your current process time, personalized for profit with SilverBolt heat presses.