Increased productivity is contingent on keeping your sign business organized. An organized business means less stress for you, more outcome, and more importantly more income. Put these 5 steps into practice to get your small business better organized.
  1. Sort your physical mail first thing. This is particularly helpful if you receive large amounts of mail. Make four piles: one of mail to read, one of mail to be filed, one of mail that requires a reply, and one of mail that can be pitched.
  2. Clean out your file cabinets and drawers. Rather than cramming in every last scrap of paper, decide what you really need to keep and throw away the rest. Cluttered, overcrowded drawers and cabinets make it easy to lose important information.
  3. Clear off your desk. Take away items you don't need (minus that picture of your family - you do need that) and put them into drawers. Keeping your workspace tidy frees you of unnecessary distractions and promotes productivity.
  4. Go digital. Turn any old paper records you can into digital archives. Not only is storing information digitally more space effective, when your information is backed up properly digital storage can be much safer for keeping track of valuable information.
  5. Use online calendars that send alerts to your email or phone and can be updated, modified and accessed through any internet access. When you are on the go it is invaluable to have instant access to your calendar. The Google calendar is a free option; there are other pay options you can use to keep your agenda organized.