ORACAL Vinyl Is Now ORAFOL Vinyl

ORAFOL 631 and 651 vinyl

ORAFOL vinyl (formerly referred to as ORACAL vinyl) has a reputation as a high-end, easy-to-use, lasting film. And that reputation is well deserved, as this vinyl is proven to be the versatile, go-to film for graphics of all kinds. 

Though ORAFOL 631 and ORAFOL 651 both have high ratings, there are differences in usage, durability, and colors. Let's explore each vinyl's characteristics so you can make the best choice in your ORAFOL vinyl purchase.

 What Are the Application Differences?

Architectural YES YES
General signage YES
POP / Promotional YES
Wall graphics YES
Window graphics YES YES

Now, let's break down the characteristics of ORAFOL 631 and ORAFOL 651 vinyl so you have an educated view of each type of film. 


ORAFOL 631 Product Overview

  • Matte finish
  • Monomeric (economy)
  • Calendered
  • Removable, water-based adhesive



3 mil, soft PVC film
Matte surface that suppresses reflection
Comes in over 80 matte colors, as well as transparent
Excellent weeding and release values


      Short- to medium-term indoor applications
      Specifically for painted drywall surfaces
        Durability 3 years
        Adhesive Clear, water-based, removable


        Product Data Sheets

        ORAFOL/ORACAL 631 Color Chart

         ORACAL 631 Vinyl Color Chart


        We want you to have success in applying ORACAL 631 vinyl, so we created this handy blog entitled Applying Oracal 631 - Mask It, Heat It, and Flip It, to show you the important steps for successfully preparing and using this film.

        ORAFOL ORACAL vinyl

        ORAFOL/ORACAL 651 Product Overview

        Now, ORAFOL 651 has 18 matte colors! (not pictured below)

        • Glossy or matte finish 
        • Polymeric (intermediate)
        • Calendered
        • Permanent, solvent-based adhesive


        Glossy finish
        60 glossy colors
        NEW! 18 matte colors 
        Highly opaque with a UV-resistant gloss finish
        Exceptional cutting and weeding
          Applications Flat + Simple Curves
          Cricut and Silhouette compatible
          Dishwasher safe (top rack)
          Wet or Dry application
          • Wet application is acceptable when applied to glass or automotive surfaces.
            Durability Outdoor: Up to 6 years, medium-term
            Indoor: Indefinite
              Adhesive Transparent clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
                Product data sheets


                ORACAL 651 Color Chart


                ORACAL 651 Vinyl Color Chart


                 New! ORAFOL 651 in beautiful matte colors at SignWarehouse



                For more information on films from ORAFOL visit our handy vinyl application guide.