MUSE Artisan Overview

The MUSE Artisan vinyl cutter is the newest member of the MUSE family of vinyl cutters. The Artisan is an entry level cutter unlike any other the world has ever seen. It’s an upgraded, more reliable, capable, and durable entry level cutter than previous models. The updated interface gives the Artisan a touch of modernity and simplicity, and the Artisan includes features that have previously not been available in entry level cutters of the past.

Features of the MUSE Artisan

The MUSE Artisan control panel and LED display.
  • Control Panel- The Artisan’s control panel focuses on the key functions of the cutter providing the user with ease and simplicity. Its user-friendly design is perfect for any experience level.
  • Memory- This little guy has an 8MB memory, so larger jobs are no problem unlike past entry level cutters. You can finally send your long jobs to your entry level cutter without worrying about losing any data.
  • Speed/Force- The Artisan has a maximum cutting speed of 24 inches/second with a maximum cutting force of 800 grams. This entry level cutter has just as much power behind him as his older brothers, the MUSE M15 and MUSE M24.
  • Remote cutting- Amongst entry level cutters, this feature is practically unheard of. The Artisan offers two methods of remote production! You can send jobs through a USB drive or you can connect to the cutter wirelessly with a WiFi connection. You are no longer tethered to your computer.

MUSE Applications

The MUSE Artisan is a great option for a hobby cutter. It can be used for cutting decals for decorating and customizing drinkware, laptops, lockers, and more. This is also a great cutter for someone who is just getting started and wants to learn. You can cut your heat transfer vinyl for your shirts, jerseys, and any other apparel items. The Artisan is capable of cutting architectural graphics such as interior window displays, wall graphics, and floor graphics, and you can also use your Artisan for sign related applications such as cutting stencil film and paint mask for wood signs. The possibilities are endless!

Setup & Support

Like all of the other MUSE models, the Artisan comes with a one-year warranty, and you also get 90 days of gold support! If that wasn’t enough, we have a support site and YouTube channel with tons of tutorials and articles to help answer all of your questions, but that’s not all. We have English and Spanish user manuals available to download on our website! If you have any questions at all, SIGNWarehouse is here to help! You can fill out a support request form here.

MUSE Starter Bundle Prices

The MUSE Artisan is an entry level cutter, and it’s perfect for use as a hobby cutter or for someone who is just starting out. It can be used to cut everything from small decals and heat transfers for apparel to window displays and wall graphics. It comes with a floor stand, and the bundles include either Create Space or LXi 19 software. The Artisan can also be purchased in a shirts and signs package with an EnduraPRESS CS15. MUSE Artisan package prices start at $349.00.