We've all been there - you arrive to check on your latest install only to find an issue that needs to be fixed. You grab your keys to head back to the truck, only to realize you've come by in your car, without a single installation tool. Frustrated, you have no choice but to head back to the shop, grab your tools and come back to the job site, spending the entire morning on a 5 minute fix.

One way to avoid the scenario above is by creating a mini install kit for yourself. Head down to your office store and take a look at their selection of mobile phone holders. Find one that has a belt hook and a Velcro fastener. Look for a version that has another Velcro tab, or other fastener that you can use to secure items. This will be the holder for your mini installation kit. Stock it with the following:

Keep this kit in your vehicle for emergency install situations, or to make quick fixes. Having these necessary tools on hand can save you a lot of time and trouble should the need arise. Are we forgetting anything? What tool do you not leave the house without?