If you’re a regular here, you already know that we’ve expanded our line of Logical Color heat transfer films with several printable T-shirt vinyls. We’ve recently written about Logical Color WarmPEEL CP PRINT and CozySoft PRINT. Last, but not least, comes WarmPEEL Universal PRINT. As the name implies, WarmPEEL Universal PRINT is a solvent printable version of our popular universal T-shirt vinyl. If you’ve enjoyed the speed and versatility of WarmPEEL Universal in your vinyl cutter, you’ll love the benefits of using WarmPEEL Universal PRINT in your large format printer. What are the benefits of a universal printable t-shirt vinyl, you ask? Read on.

Logical Color Universal PRINT Overview

First, a little background info if you will. WarmPEEL Universal PRINT is one of three new Logical Color printable heat transfer vinyl. All of them are designed for print and cut workflow using a wide format printer and a vinyl cutter. All-in-one printer-cutters work too: just not as efficiently. In either case, the process involves printing, cutting, and weeding. Applying printable t-shirt vinyl on a shirt is easy. If you can apply cuttable HTV, you can apply WarmPEEL Universal PRINT with no problem. Choosing Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal PRINT makes it even easier because you don’t have to worry about whether you’re using the right film for the fabric. Most t-shirt vinyl is only good on cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends, and similar fabrics. WarmPEEL Universal PRINT lives up to its name. I'ts a universal printable t-shirt vinyl. It can be applied on just about any fabric, including cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, leather, Elastane, Lycra spandex, Rayon, and Nylon. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, it offers great print quality, and a soft hand. And it’s wicked fast! How do we get all of that into one film? Advanced engineering.

WarmPEEL Universal PRINT Features

WarmPEEL Universal PRINT is a 3.2 mil, (80µ), matte white, Polyurethane film. It has a unique, advanced hotmelt adhesive that enables it to bond in as little as 3 seconds, or at temperatures as low as 267°F (130°C). That means you can run at high production speeds for cotton, decorate sublimated polyester with little fear of dye migration, and handle challenging Nylon print jobs: all with the same film. The PU face film supports vivid, high resolution prints that dry quickly and are production-ready right off the printer. Speaking of printing, it’s compatible with eco-solvent and Latex inks. And since printing is only the first step, you'll be happy to know that it's also easy to cut and weed. The polyester liner makes cutting easier because you can cut a little deeper without worrying too much about scoring the liner. This is a film thoroughly engineered for busy professional decorators. Speaking of productivity, it wouldn’t be logical to make a film you can press in 3 seconds if it takes all day to weed. The self-adhesive liner also lets you weed more aggressively. What’s supposed to come up comes up and what’s supposed to stay down stays stuck. WarmPEEL Universal PRINT is designed for productivity top to bottom. And at only 3.2mil, it has a soft hand that will please all but the most demanding customers.

Application Instructions

You might be wondering how to use such a versatile film. Here’s a quick summary of the processes for cotton, sublimated polyester, and Nylon. • Design your image right reading (not mirrored). • Print with solvent, eco-solvent, or Latex inkjet printers. • Cut with a sharp 45° plotter blade. • Weed the excess film away and mask with Logical Color ClearMASK MT. • Remove the polyester liner and place the masked transfer tacky-side down on your garment. • For Cotton: Set your heat press for medium-to firm pressure. Press for 3 seconds at 320°F (160° C). Peel the tape warm. • For Sublimated Polyester: Set your heat press for firm pressure. Press for 5 seconds at 267°F (130° C). Peel the tape warm. • For Nylon: Pre-press the Nylon for 5 seconds. Set your heat press for medium pressure. Press for 5 seconds at 302°F (150°C). Peel the tape warm. Cover the applied transfer with a Teflon sheet or silicone Kraft paper, and re-press for 10 seconds to seal the deal. • Wash decorated garments inside-out in temperatures up to 176° F. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.


We show you how to print, cut, and apply Universal Print. Watch and learn.




How big, how much (Sizes and Prices)

WarmPEEL Universal Print comes in 20" and 30” wide rolls. Roll length options are fifteen, thirty, and 90 feet. 20" x 15-foot rolls are priced under $59.00. It’s not our most affordable option, but it is the most efficient and the most versatile.


Print and Cut Essentials

All our Logical Color printable heat transfer films produce high-quality, opaque, durable transfers in a print and cut workflow. For Universal PRINT, you'll need an ecosolvent or Latex inkjet printer, a contour cutting vinyl cutter, some weeding tools, and heat transfer tape. Don't use standard sign vinyl application tape. It's not happy at 320° F. Speaking of tape, Universal Print works best with Logical Color ClearMASK heat transfer tape.

To optimize print quality, you should use custom ICC profiles whenever possible. Prism JET VJ54 and VJ24 owners can download ICC profiles for WarmPEEL Universal PRINT from our Technical Support blog. Our Vinyl Express, Graphtec, and Roland customers love Logical Color WarmPeel Universal. Naturally, we felt adding a universal printable t-shirt vinyl for our PrismJET and ValueJET customers was a no-brainer. Now the outstanding speed and versatility of WarmPEEL Universal is available to busy professionals using wide format print and cut systems. You'll get outstanding photorealistic print quality, efficient cutting and weeding performance, soft transfers, and the peace of mind of being able to decorate all kinds of apparel with one advanced film. WWW.SignWarehouse.com