WallTEX Media for Wall Graphics
Just three items are needed to install WallTEX wall graphics: Removable tape, vinyl slitter, and a felt squeegee.

The wall graphics market A few years ago, Fatheads.com popularized the idea of repositionable, large format wall graphics. Fatheads product offering is primarily associated with national sports franchises like the NFL, NBA, and NASCAR. What if a sports fan wants to put Little Andy All-Star or the local high school mascot on the wall of the den? That’s where the sign industry comes in. You create that custom image, sell, print, and install it. The sign industry these days uses primarily solvent based printers. That’s where the problem comes in.

Eco-solvent ink challenges

The heavier ink loads of mild solvent printers have made custom vinyl wall graphics difficult. Edge curl is a problem unless you leave an unprinted border to allow the adhesive to grip the wall unencumbered by ink. That’s not always what the customer wants. And many interior walls these days have a texture that is less than ideal for any vinyl let alone one with a low tack adhesive. This leads to a high probability that your professionally designed custom wall graphic won’t stay on the wall. This causes unhappy customers, tarnishes the new market and damages your reputation. There have been various solutions offered by vinyl manufacturers including the following:
  • Don’t print anything larger than 3 square feet
  • Don’t create contour-cut graphics with full bleed color
  • Don’t contour-cut the image until 24 hours after printing
All of these can be partial solutions, but what you really need is a medium that adheres to textured walls, can be contour-cut with full bleed color, and stays on the wall! What you really need is PrismJET WallTEX.

What is PrismJET® WallTEX™?

  • PrismJET WallTEX is a 7 mil, premium solvent/eco-solvent/UV printable, coated polyester fabric on a 90# stay flat liner.
  • It has a matte white finish with a slight texture comparable to that of a heavy fabric with a high thread count.
  • It features a removable and repositionable acrylic adhesive providing performance similar to “Fathead.com” graphics.
  • Since it’s a fabric, it’s more flexible than vinyl and is easier to apply and reposition, even by hand. No expensive super squeegees required!
  • It comes in 24", 48", 54”, 60" x 100 foot rolls. 24” rolls are only $208.00 each. 54” rolls are $489.00. Printed samples are available upon request.

What can WallTEX do for you?

  • The primary benefit of PrismJET WallTEX is superior lay flat performance, especially on textured surfaces. It’s so flexible, you can stick it in a corner without creasing it.
  • You can sell and install large wall graphics without worrying that the ink load will overwhelm the adhesive. You won’t have to apologize for unsightly edge curl.
  • You won’t lose valuable customers because your custom graphic fell off the wall.

Yes, it costs a little more. For those who want or need lower cost wall graphics, we still offer 3 mil and 6 mil vinyls from Mojave (GMI) and Oracal. But if you want more conformability, more creative freedom, and the peace of mind that comes from satisfied customers, ya gotta try PrismJET WallTEX.