Job Available
Take a look at these 6 ad writing tips.
Ready to hire more employees on your sign shop but not sure how to start? If hanging a sign in the window that reads, "Help Wanted" has done little to help your situation, you might consider taking out a classified ad to look for new recruits. If you have never written a job ad before you might want to take a look at the following tips to get the most out of your classified ad.
  • Complete a job analysis and description. Figure out what exactly it is you want your employee to do on the job, and what responsibilities they should already know how to handle. Ads that are based off of detailed job descriptions are more likely to attract the right kind of employee while discouraging the wrong kind.
  • Include the skills that are most important to you directly, such as banner making skills, or MAC design skills. Generally speaking you should include 4 or 5 skills that are most important to you, or essential for the job.
  • Mention where the job is located to weed out those who do not live near or are not willing to commute.
  • Don't list requirements other than educational and experience related ones in the job ad.
  • Don't name specific personality traits you are looking for. This isn't a singles ad, and people will just imitate what traits you are looking for even if they don't possess them.
  • Include salary, what the challenges of the job will be, why it is exciting, and what it will be like working for you. This is the type of information that actually attracts the right kind of person for the job.
  • Most importantly, include your contact information. Depending on how your business is run you may choose to have candidates respond to you via mail, fax, or e-mail, or by making an appointment at your office to fill out an application. Remember to specify whether or not you require a cover letter and a resume.

A detailed advertisement may take a bit longer to write, but the extra time you will spend writing out a comprehensive job ad is nothing compared to the time it will take for you to interview applicants who are all wrong for the job. Do yourself a favor and put in a little extra effort in the beginning so that you can have an easier time hiring that new employee.