Wouldn't it be cool if you could use the same heat transfer vinyl for all your textiles? Wouldn't it be crazy if you didn't have to stock one vinyl for cotton, another for nylon, and another to block dye migration? That would be a radical notion. Maybe even revolutionary. The people at Chemica thought so too, so that's what they're calling it. HotMark Revolution is Chemica's newest heat transfer vinyl- aka 't-shirt vinyl'- and is it indeed a universal heat transfer vinyl. You can use it on cotton, polyester, blended garments, sublimated polyester, nylon, and more. It's a whole new way of decorating garments. Imagine having a flex film that adapts to your needs instead of forcing you to work within its limitations. And, as if that wasn't revolutionary enough, wait till you see what they did with the price.


HotMark Revolution is a new premium polyurethane cuttable heat transfer film from ChemicaUS. Like their perennial standard bearer HotMark, it's very thin and very soft. This is a 2.8 - 3.2 mil (70 - 80 micron) film so it has a very soft hand and excellent opacity. It comes on a transparent polyester liner which makes it easy to cut and weed. And it works at medium to firm pressure, so it's actually a little easier to press than HotMark, which requires firm pressure. As noted above, this is a truly universal film. It works on cotton garments, cotton-poly blends, Lycra spandex, performance apparel, sublimated polyester, leather and nylon. HotMark Revolution is a hot peel film, meaning you can remove the liner as soon as you want. You can peel it hot. you can peel it warm, or you can peel it cold. Whatever floats your boat. For busy sign shops, that's good news because you can go from one shirt or one layer to the next without waiting for the liner to cool. Again, this is a film that adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.


The obvious advantage of using HotMark Revolution is simplifying your stocking process. 

You can stock one film for the vast majority of your garment decoration orders. There's no need to stock one heat transfer vinyl for cotton, polyester and blended garments and another for nylon. No need to stock an expensive dye-blocker film for decorating sublimated polyester apparel. In addition to versatility, HotMark Revolution can boost productivity. For cotton shirts, it can be used as a quick press, hot peel film. The new fast-acting adhesive bonds to cotton in as little as five seconds, and at only 280°F. So it won't overheat your customer's garments while you're rocking along cranking out league jerseys and graphic tees. That low temperature also enables decorating sublimated polyester apparel with fewer worries about dye migration. HotMark Revolution can be applied to polyester at only 230܄°F (110° C) which is cool enough to avoid activating dyes in the fabric.

This is a benefit for decorating low-cost cotton shirts as well. In either case, the result is a bright, opaque transfer with a soft hand. HotMark Revolution is aptly named. It's a soft, premium quality PU film that's easy to cut and truly easy to weed. It's the most flexible of flex films. Go slow and easy to decorate delicate fabrics, or go hot and fast for high production on cotton. In HotMark Revolution, we finally have a T-shirt vinyl that meets your customers' expectations, instead of forcing you to manage customers' expectations to stay within the limitations of your vinyl.

Instructions, Roll Sizes, Prices, etc.

For cotton: Press with medium to firm pressure for all of five seconds at 280°F (138° C). For sublimated polyester: Press with medium pressure for 20 seconds at 250° F (120° C). For Nylon: Pre-Press fabric for five seconds at 285° F (140° C) to remove coatings. Then press the transfer with medium pressure for 20 seconds. Peel hot, warm, or cold. Click here to download the full tech data and instruction sheet. In keeping with its inherent flexibility, HotMark Revolution comes in a pretty wide variety of sizes. It's about 15" wide and comes in 3 foot, 15 foot, 22 and 66 foot rolls. It's currently available in only 12 popular colors, but there more on the way.
Oh, and that revolutionary price? HotMark Revolution does everything HotMark does, but on a wider variety of fabrics, and with more opacity. And as a hot peel film. And it costs…less. Prices start at just $8.99 and a 15" x 11 foot roll is only $27.99. Better opacity. Faster Press times. Hot Peel productivity. From a universal film. All for less money. That's a truly revolutionary concept. Click here to join the revolution.