Corn toss board decorated with vinyl

Time for a riddle: What do the MUSE line of vinyl cutters and a popular outdoor game have in common? Individuality!

Over the last couple of years, many people have found themselves spending more time at home or in small social groups than they had previously been doing. After searching for ways to keep kids (and parents) and singles entertained at home, they have discovered new ways to entertain themselves. This has caused a resurgence in popularity of old-fashioned games. Depending on the region, you may know one of these games by the name corn hole, corn toss, bean bag toss, tailgate toss, or soft horseshoes – depending on your region. In the South, it is most often called corn hole to describe the contents of the original bag thrown and, well, what you are trying to toss the corn into.

Use MUSE & Artisan Add Style

This simple, fun, competitive game for all ages can be built from scratch. And there is a creative and easy way to make it uniquely yours. Decorating it is part of the fun of having this game in your back yard or at tailgate parties. The MUSE line of vinyl cutters, paired with your favorite decorative vinyl colors, can give you just the “look” you need to stand out when you become the neighborhood CHC (Corn Hole Champion).

Depending on the wood used and the décor that is added prior to buying it, corn hole game boards can be quite expensive. Gone are the days of plain old plywood corn toss games. They can be quite fancy! Building and decorating your own board is a nice way to show your style, and you can involve your family in the process. Some people decorate with flags, team logos, and family names. Others have “champion boards” they present to the champions after winning a bracket. Restaurants and parks have this game and decorate their boards with their business and city names.

Cutting Vinyl for Personalization

Assisting you in your journey to personalize your game, the MUSE Series offers a full line of vinyl cutters and bundles. They are a great option for new and seasoned crafters or for businesses looking for small-footprint cutters for designs their customers order.

Check out the MUSE 15 Starter bundle or expand to decorating more items with the MUSE M15 Crafter's Complete Package or the MUSE M15 Crafter's GlitterSoft bundle. The included software is compatible with MAC and Windows. If you are looking for a wider-format cutter, the MUSE Artisan Crafter's Package is worth checking out. Packages include the cutter, glossy vinyl sample rolls, and more.

Not that into a glossy look? Matte vinyl may work better for you for your corn toss decorations. Read about Oracal 641 matte vinyl and check out the different finishes, sizes, and colors available.

MUSE 15 Vinyl Cutter Starter Bundle
Create designs for games and more with the MUSE 15 Starter Bundle

MUSE M15 Crafter's Starter Bundle

MUST vinyl cutters starter bundles are a great way to put your foot into the vinyl cutting business, or just beef up your crafting skills and portfolio. The MUSE M15 desktop cutter has a programmable LED platen lighting, camera-based automatic registration mark sensing, and a tool carriage that supports cutting and engraving.

Some of the specs of the M15 cutter:

  • Maximum Media width: 19.7 inches (500 mm)
  • Maximum Cutting width: 15.3 inches (390 mm)
  • Maximum Contour Cut width: 13.7 inches (350 mm)

The MUSE M15 Crafter's Starter Bundle includes five rolls of vinyl in a variety of available colors, the MUSE M15 cutter, the Create Space software, license plate blanks, and more. Create Space creates effects such as: symmetrical mirror, wave, 3D rotate, drop shadow, knockout, puzzle generator and rhinestone templates and TrueType font support - and more. Why are license plate blanks included in this bundle? Well, think of how you could customize your corn toss boards with your name emblazoned on a plate hanging from the back (high side) or your game? Or give them out as prizes the next time you have a home competition!

Expand your options for decorating even more items with the MUSE 15 Crafter's GlitterSoft bundle.

Not that into a glossy look? Try matte vinyl. Read about Oracal 641 matte vinyl

Muse ARTisan cutter with stand
The MUSE Artisan bundle features a 24" cutting range and a handy stand!

24" MUSE Artisan Crafter's Package

If you would like a wider-format MUSE vinyl cutter for your corn toss board designs or another project, the MUSE Artisan Crafter's Package may suit your needs. The Artisan comes with a floor stand, so you don't need as much table space for your design work.

Some of the cutter specs are:

  • Maximum Media width: 28inches (720 mm)
  • Maximum Cutting width: 24 inches (600 mm)

In addition to the cutter and floor stand, the Artisan Crafter's package includes an EnduraGLOSS vinyl warm colors starter bundle, Endura cutting mat, transfer tape, weeding tools, and some cool EnduraMAG magnetic door sets for removable car door signs. Like all the MUSE series starter bundles, it's a great value because you get much more than a cool new vinyl cutter!

Once you explore your imagination and how you can use different vinyl colors and finishes, you may end up decorating several corn toss boards to give as personalized gifts. Wouldn't that be a win!

Surfboards, Longboards, and Skateboards

Once you think about it, the opportunities for crafters and businesses to create custom designs are not just limited to corn toss or other outdoor uses. MUSE vinyl cutters are a great tool for using vinyl in personalizing all kinds of items for sports and games. For example, search for "surfboard decor" on a popular crafts-selling website and you will find hundreds of ways to decorate (and distribute) custom-decorated mini surf boards. While they are not used for the actual sport, they are quite popular for art projects and wall decoration, and can would be a perfect project for a business to promote, especially in coastline states.

Then there are skateboards and longboards. Young and old have been decorating their boards and mind buckets (helmets) for years with vinyl designs. Yet another opportunity to use MUSE vinyl cutters to create rad customized art.

Whether you are looking to jazz up your home corn toss boards, or another game or decorating item, the MUSE Series offers great choices of vinyl cutters and value-packed starter bundles to support your creativity. Maybe you can psyche out your opponents by putting a shark with your face on your corn toss board!