Some sign makers are new to the business, while other "old timers" are seasoned and experienced. Whichever category you fall into, it can be difficult to keep up with changes in the industry, and finding the best inkjet media for your project can be a challenge. To the rescue is the ORAFOL Digital Inkjet Media Selection Guide.

You probably have long-term customers with easy or repetitive orders. And you automatically know which vinyl to use that will work best for each sign. Perhaps your work has even become routine to you by now. But what about the one-off orders? Could you reel off an estimate and know what type of vinyl to use for:

  • Glow-in-the-dark signs?
  • Translucent or transparent signs?
  • Multi-term backlit signs?

And then there are other factors to consider for sign projects. Will the signs be displayed indoors? Outdoors? Long-term? Short-term? And what substrate will you be applying the vinyl to? These are important factors to consider, because each choice means the right vinyl has to be chosen, and your chosen film incurs a cost to you that you pass on to your customer.

Why make your decisions more difficult when the research has already been done and information is readily found? ORAFOL guides you to the best option for inkjet media signage with their handy, 52-page guidebook, the ORAFOL Digital Inkjet Media Selection Guide.

The Oracal Inkjet Guide contains helpful icons
Helpful icons for choosing the right inkjet vinyl for your project.



ORAFOL Digital Inkjet Media Selection Guide

Knowing that choosing inkjet media can be overwhelming, and wanting to make the pcrocess easier for sign makers, ORAFOL created the ORAFOL Digital Media Selection Guide. What is in this helpful guide to assist you with completing your projects in a timely-manner while also using the best media? Let's look at some of the information found in this guide.

First of all, there is a grading system: Good, Better, Best. Each type of vinyl is graded in this way, with a handy explanation to help you choose which vinyl option is best for each of your projects.

Columns labeled Durability, Color, Finish, Adhesive, and Recommended provide details on each vinyl available, offering you information to confidently make an informed choice for each type of sign, situation, and customer.

Helpful how-to videos, accessed via QR codes at the bottom of the page, accompany many product descriptions. Find out not only which vinyl to use but how to install it.

The Oracal Digital Media Inkjet Media Selection Guide also has helpful icons so you can quickly and easily identify the type of project on which you are embarking and what type of vinyl is best for that signage.

How can this help you choose the right inkjet film? And what is the practical value of having this information in a guidebook? Let's take Vehicle and Fleet Graphics, for and example of finding the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping.

Choosing Inkjet Media for Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Graphics

There are many ways to use your experience and talent as a sign maker to expand into vehicle wraps and fleet graphics. Make vehicle wrapping a new facet of your business!

The ORAFOL Inkjet Digital Media Guide contains details on the best vinyl choice when when you are working on designs for vehicles with complex curves and recessed areas, vehicles with simple curves and partial wraps, and on watercraft wraps projects.

While vehicle wraps and fleet graphics were previously a specialty order primarily cared for by medium-to-large sign businesses, smaller sign shops are getting into this profitable market. Installation training is a must. But once you have the knack of working with today's wrap films, it's an exciting and lucrative market. Who could you offer this service to in your area?

Your vehicle wrap customers do not need to be large companies. Small businesses need vehicle wrapping to advertise their skills as they cruise through neighborhoods (think window cleaners, plumbers, electricians, etc.), and larger businesses need vehicle wraps to assure name familiarity and unity of products and services. For example, when you see a yellow panel truck, you think of one particular rental truck company.

Digital Inkjet Vinyl for Vehicles and Marine Crafts

Orajet ProSlide is the pro choice for vehicle wrapping. Find information on this vinyl in the ORAFOL Digital Inkjet Media Selection Guide.

ORAFOL uses proprietary technologies to produce their vehicle wrap vinyl. They have three options for adhesive performance: removable, permanent, and high-tack.

The vinyl is referred to as:

  • RA or RapidAir is a specially-formulated air-egress technology that facilitates a bubble-free application.
  • ProSlide is advanced repositionable adhesive technology that enables quick and easy installation

As a SignWarehouse customer, you have access to these ORAJET ProSlide options:

ORAJET ProSlide 3951RA

  • Ideal for long-term vehicle and fleet graphics and wraps
  • Complex outdoor signage
  • Vehicle and boat wraps
  • Print and cut vehicle and boat graphics
  • Marine and motorsport wraps

ORAJET ProSlide 3981

  • Vehicle and boat wraps
  • Long-term vehicle and fleet graphics and wraps, including full vehicle wraps
  • Provides the highest degree of brilliancy and durability
  • Cast polyurethane face film won’t yellow or crack
  • Ideal for rugged, arid, tropical, or other extreme environmental conditions
  • Complex outdoor signage
  • And, since it's PVC free, it's environmentally friendly



The guide includes installation tips for new products like OraJET 3952F optically-clear, printable vinyl

As you look through the guide, you'll see slightly different variations of the ORAFOL brand name. It might seem a little confusing. Here's a simple overview:

ORAJET: Digital print vinyl. The ORAJET product line comprises all self-adhesive printable film, covering a staggering array of applications from short-term outdoor signage to car wraps.

ORALITE: Reflective vinyl. ORALITE films are generally designed for traditional municipal signage applications like road signs, but reflective accents have become very popular in the commercial wrap market. ORALITE 5650RA is ideal for this exciting new niche market.

ORAGUARD: The ORAGUARD brand covers all of ORAFOL's overlaminate films. ORAGUARD films provide UV and abrasion protection for indoor and outdoor printed graphics. Matching ORAJET vinyl with the proper ORAGUARD overlaminate is one of the best uses of the new interactive digital media guide.

Once you have looked through the ORAFOL Inkjet Digital Media Guide to find the best films for each of your projects, let SignWarehouse provide you the variety of options for projects, large and small. Let ORAFOL help you find the best option for digital inkjet media for all of your projects calling for a special touch with the ORAFOL Digital Inkjet Media Selection Guide. After all, why spend hours looking for the right product when this guide has done all the work for you?

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