In keeping with the 35-year tradition of providing outstanding value through our Endura product line, we recently added the EnduraPRESS MP5 mug press. Our EnduraPRESS heat presses have become a huge hit with customers looking for brand name quality at the SIGNWarehouse price. The MP5 mug press adds to the value equation by providing outstanding versatility. The MP5 comes with optional mug heating element fittings designed to accommodate different sizes of drinkware, from espresso mugs to Venti size latte mugs. This versatility greatly expands your sales opportunities. It's a feature not found on more expensive brand name presses. The optional fittings are affordable and easy to use. Here's how they work.

Heating Element Fitting Sizes

The latte fittings provide consistent pressure for cone-shaped mugs

First a little overview is in order. The EnduraPRESS MP5 optional heating element fittings come in five sizes. In order from smallest to largest, we offer a 2.5, 10, 11, 12, 15, and 17oz fittings. Prices start at just $29.99. The number refers to the standard liquid capacity of the mug or tumble for which the fittings are made. Some are cylindrical and others are designed for conical latte mugs.

The 2.5, 10OZ, 11OZ and 15OZ fittings are for standard cylindrical drinkware like ceramic mugs and stainless steel tumblers. The 12OZ and 17OZ fittings are for latte mugs. The conical shape on the latte style fittings provides consistent pressure top to bottom to optimize the quality of your dye sublimation and laser transfers. The default size that comes with the MP5 mug press is the 11OZ fitting, which is also available separately.

How to Switch

You can switch mug fittings in your MP5 mug press in minutes using only a Phillips head screwdriver. We recommend you do this with the press turned off and cool.

  1. Unscrew the 8 pan-head screws along the mug press frame to detach the heating element from the frame. If you stand facing the LCD control panel, there are four in front and four in back.
  2. Find the circular connector on the lower left side of the control panel housing. Loosen the collar on the circular connector, and pull it straight out.
  3. Remove the heating element and reverse the process. Plug in the circular connector for the new fitting and tighten the collar finger-tight. Place the new fitting in the frame and reinsert the screws to fasten it in place. The screws on the back side of the frame may be larger than the others. Try to put them back in their holes the back of the frame connected to the adjustment knob. That's it. The whole process can be done in about 5 minutes.

Once the new heating element is installed, you're ready to fire up the mug press and decorate some drinkware. The addition of these various fittings enables you to customize a wonderful variety of items, from petite espresso mugs to Venti size latte mugs and just about everything in between.

This quick-change versatility can greatly increase your sales potential. It's just another example of how the EnduraPRESS product line adds value to your life and business.