Lower Ink Cost Without Losing Quality 

Upgrading from 220 to 500ml carts reduces your ink cost by over 10%.

Looking for a way to save money on ink without sacrificing quality? You can save 10% with the new EndraINK PRO 500 ml EcoSolvent Ink cartridges! Lower your ink cost, save time, and eliminate  the hassle of using bulk ink bag conversion kits. 

  • Plug-in upgrade from standard 220ml ink cartridges
  • Plug & play compatibility with many popular brands of eco-solvent ink printers
  • Equivalent formulation and ink chemistry
  • UV resistant for up to three years outdoors
  • Greenguard certified, California PROP65 and CPSIA compliant
  • Rich, vibrant color, excellent abrasion resistance
  • You can switch back and forth between OEM and EnduraINK PRO
  • Equivalent color gamut
  • Equivalent ink density
  • Equivalent scratch resistance
  • Equivalent drying time graphics
  • Equivalent odor
  • Equivalent durability – up to three years outdoors without lamination
  • Engineered for horizontal installation in 24-inch & 54-inch PrismJET and supported Mutoh Printers: Tested and compatible with PrismJET VJ48 and VJ54 printers.
  • Reduces ink cost by over 10%

You can purchase EnduraINK PRO 500ml Eco-Solvent ink in individual colors or CMYK set