EnduraGLOSS is a soft, 3-mil intermediate calendared vinyl with an acrylic adhesive. As the name implies, it’s a glossy vinyl, and it’s available in 42 colors. The color palette covers the gamut from sign industry standards like royal blue to trendier hues like mint green and coral. Because it has a polymeric calendared face film, It’s rated for up to six years outdoors and is suitable for application on flat surfaces and simple curves.

What can you decorate with EnduraGLOSS?

So what does that mean exactly? Well, the term ‘flat surfaces’ is pretty clear, but ideal ‘substrates’ are smooth (non-porous) surfaces made for sign vinyl. Think of glass and aluminum. The range of substrates we’d call flat surfaces and simple curves present a whole lot of options. Some of the more common things people decorate with EnduraGLOSS vinyl are yard signs, magnetic signs, vehicle windows, commercial storefront windows, and license plate blanks. Even Corn toss boards and laptops are suitable substrates and popular targets.

Flat surfaces that are rough, textured, or made from low energy plastics (like polypropylene) aren’t ideal because the adhesive doesn’t fully bond with the substrate. Wood signs are a popular vinyl application these days. Sealed wood that’s fully cured works, but raw, rough wood with tangible grain isn’t ideal. And freshly varnished or treated wood that’s still out-gassing isn’t ready for vinyl. More on that here.

What about simple curves? What are those? Simple curves are surfaces that only bend in one direction at a time, like coffee mugs. You see a straight line from one angle, and a curve from another. Surfaces that have different curves going in different directions – i.e. spheres, helmets, motorcycle gas tanks – are called compound curves. These probably won’t be ideal for use with any calendared vinyl. Cast vinyl is the solution for these challenging items. Common curved surfaces getting the EnduraGLOSS treatment include vehicle doors and ceramic mugs.

EnduraGLOSS vinyl on a stainless steel Yetti.

What’s the Best Transfer Tape?

Some calendered vinyl is really easy to weed, but really hard to release and apply. EnduraGLOSS strikes a perfect balance. The soft, 3-mil face film has great release characteristics. That means that, once you’re done cutting and weeding your graphic, it’s easy to transfer the letters to the substrate. It can be used with both medium-tack and high-tack transfer tape. Use high-tack tape for graphics with letters 6” or smaller, and medium-tack tape for larger decals. For more compatible tape options and tips, please click here to access our comprehensive Vinyl & Transfer Tape Application Guide.

Wet Application Tips

Speaking of application tips, EnduraGLOSS has a permanent, acrylic adhesive. It works best when applied dry, but you can use application fluid if desired. Acrylic adhesives are water-based, so they’re a little more likely to be weakened by wet applications. Just be sure to use application fluid made for vinyl graphics – not dishwashing detergent. Dishwashing detergent can further degrade the adhesive and cause immediate or eventual failure. When using sign industry application fluids such as RapidTac, RapidTac II, Splash or SureGlide, use it sparingly, and remove it quickly. Click here for a deeper dive into the details.

How big, how long, how much? Size and Price Info

EnduraGLOSS comes in 42 colors and 10 different roll sizes. You can get this glossy goodness in 12 inch rolls by the foot, 30 inches by 50-yard rolls and just about everything in between. That sounds like a lot of options- and it is – but ordering is easy. Just start with your desired roll size, then pick your colors. Prices start at just $1.69. The affordable price does not come at the expense of quality. Because EnduraGLOSS vinyl is made in the USA and manufactured to the highest of standards, you get great quality, roll after roll. Click here to start shopping.

That’s a brief introduction to our favorite intermediate calendared vinyl. If you want something that provides great gloss and long-term outdoor life, EnduraGLOSS is a great choice. It’s available in hundreds of size & color options and made in the USA. You can use it to customize and beautify personal items like mugs and laptops or use it for professional-quality outdoor signs, banners, vehicle graphics, and more.