Layering Vinyl Graphics two color design 01
This two color design is easy to layer if you use vinyl registration marks

One of the most frequently asked questions on the SignWarehouse Forum is how to create and cut multiple colored, layered vinyl graphics. Standard sign industry design elements like outlines, drop shadows require the use of layers, so this process is a must for selling professional quality signs and banners. Let’s take a quick look at the LXi user interface and find out how to make these lucrative images.

Creating the Outlines

Design your text using the text tool. Then, from the Effects menu, select Outline. The interactive Design Central window will present options including the type of outline. There are three options: outline, inline, or contour. (Click Here for Brief Tutorials on LXi) Design Central also allows you to choose the width and offset of the outline and the number of outlines you want. LXi shows you a preview as you make changes to these parameters, but doesn’t apply them until you’re ready. When you like what you see, click the green check mark or press the enter key to apply the changes.

Using Registration Marks

Layering vinyl graphics LXi register marks 02
LXi's Design Central tool automatically loads the registration mark editor. Registration marks are circled in red.

From the shape tool menu, select registration marks. Design Central automatically loads the registration mark editor allowing you to determine the size of the marks. Click to place them in your design. From here the best way to learn this process is to visit our Technical Support blog and follow the directions laid out in our LXI Multiple Color Images Tutorial. The Tutorial will guide you through the process of registering the layers. How do you find the tutorial? You could surf to, and click on the Tech Support link in the top navigation menu. That puts the entire SignWarehouse technical support knowledge base at your fingertips including a vast storehouse of manuals, drivers, ICC profiles, tutorials and more. These are arranged by product categories.

Layering Vinyl Graphics installed 03
Click on the LXI link in the Software column, then select How To’s/Tutorials and scroll down to How To: Multiple Color Images: Preparing the Image – Layering. Or if you're a fan of shortcuts, you can just click here.