Customized shoes with Universal WarmPEEL

There are seasonal requests for customized products, and autumn soon will bring new opportunities for specially-designed items. Back-to-school clothes shopping is near, and retail stores are gearing up. It is a profitable season for sales of shoes, backpacks, shirts, pants, school supplies -- all the necessities. You can help kids express their individuality and style to stand out from the crowd! They can make their mark when you create custom items with text or designs using the right heat transfer vinyl. Why should you consider creating creating quality Items with a universal HTV?

Universal Is Not Only the Name

So why is this heat transfer vinyl aptly branded as "Universal"? Because it is so versatile! It is a versatile vinyl which is universally adaptable and works well for creating custom designs applied to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, polyester/acrylic blends, nylon, leather, and similar fabrics.

Have you noticed the uptick in leather journal sales? Adults and teens have discovered the relief and release that comes from journaling (old-school folks referred to it as writing in your diary) and often purchase unique ones as a way of self-expression. Crafter websites have dozens of pages featuring custom journals or custom journal covers, in various sizes and price points. They are a great seller and you can add them to your list of customized products. Also popular are custom leather items such as phone cases, book covers, tablet covers, passport covers, wrist bands/bracelets, headbands, and other accessories. Apply Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal heat transfer vinyl to wood and/or glass items for custom décor for homes and businesses.

Why Use WarmPEEL Universal?

With all the various types of HTV available, no doubt you already have a preference and perhaps have been using it for years and years. You may wonder what makes Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal unique and easier to use. Really is there a difference from WarmPEEL and the many other heat transfer vinyls available?

T-shirt created with WarmPEEL Universal HTV

Lightning Fast Production and Speed Weeding

If you are in a rush because of a last-minute order, overscheduling yourself, or being understaffed, WarmPEEL Universal is perfect for you! It is versatile and has a very short peel time. In fact, just three seconds!

The release liner has a higher tack level, so you can aggressively weed without worrying about pulling up something you want to apply to the shirt. No more wasted product or having to test before production with this dependable HTV.

  • Heat press temperature and press time:
  • Cotton - 302 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-5 seconds
  • Polyester - 267 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 seconds


WarmPEEL Universal Trips and Tricks

Demonstrating peeling WarmPEEL Universal HTV
WarmPEEL Universal heat transfer vinyl enhances productivity

Because we want to help you succeed with WarmPEEL Universal, we created a five minute how-to video and also a step-by-step overview of the main points. Our WarmPEEL Universal instructional video includes recommended blade pressure and step-by-step instructions for applying it to cotton t-shirts, blended apparel, sports jerseys, nylon jackets, can coolers, tennis shoes, jeans, tote bags, wood and glass items.

As shown in the video, when customizing the nylon jacket, just a few seconds of pre-heating removes some of the hydrophobic coating. Just a few seconds of prep before applying the WarmPEEL makes all the difference!

Color migration can happen when applying vinyl to polyester. If a customer wants a yellow sun logo or lettering, they don't want to end up with a sad brown sun. WarmPEEL to the rescue! Because WarmPEEL Universal can be applied at a lower temperature when you are creating custom-dyed polyester apparel, dye migration is eliminated.

Creating Custom Wearables with WarmPEEL Universal

Of course, you can use WarmPEEL Universal HTV for the original and most popular wearable -- t-shirts. Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal HTV allows you to create designs on t-shirts of different material blends, and the designs last because of the superior quality of this HTV.

Shoe customized with WarmPEEL Universal HTV
Get creative on shoes with WarmPEEL Universal HTV.

Are you tired of making t-shirts or maybe just looking for another item to customize? What about customizing shoes for kids or adults? Kicks, slides, tennis shoes, tennies, athletic shoes, trainers - no matter what they are called, customized casual and athletic shoes are very popular and highly sought after. They are great for sports teams and clubs, and even for teaching toddlers which foot is right and which is left. If you're looking for an easy way to use your Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal HTV for creating custom shoes, there is a shoe platen available for the EnduraPRESS SD20 heat press to make that an easier venture for you.

Because Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal HTV comes in 32 colors, including metallics, you can create light- and eye-catching designs for shoes, shirts, hats, jackets, and more wearables. And not just wearables -- you can also make beautifully-customized canvas totes, beach bags, cotton throws, and other accessories for any season.

WarmPEEL Universal Heat Transfer Vinyl Facts

Logical Color WarmPEEL HTV color chart
Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal heat transfer vinyl color chart
  • Soft, stretchable Polyurethane face film
  • 3.9 mil (98 micron)
  • Amazingly soft, thin, and stretchable
  • Universal film suitable for Cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, polyester/acrylic blends, nylon, and similar fabrics
  • Flash-Press to cotton in just 3 seconds at 302°F (160° C)
  • Press to cotton/polyester blends in just 4 seconds @ 300°F (149° C)
  • Clear self-adhesive polyester liner for easy weeding and more forgiving cutting parameters
  • Easy to cut and weed using a standard 45° plotter blade
  • Warm peel adhesive & liner speed production
  • Over 32 eye-catching popular colors, including metallic colors
  • Can be layered (Do not layer or overlap with other brands of HTV)
  • Available in 12 inch and 20 inch widths and a wide range or lengths
  • More information

Universal Opportunities

You can do it - you can create quality items using a universal HTV. Examining all the facts, it's clear that Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal has unique features, which makes it stand out from other heat transfer vinyls. Why not give it a try?

You know your market and your customer base. And you likely can predict who will be interested in wearables and other items for personal or professional use. Logical Color Universal WarmPEEL HTV vinyl has assets that makes it stand out as a creative option. Just the fact it can be layered over itself and cleanly-weeded gives it additional value as a heat transfer vinyl.

And keep thinking positive thoughts -- this endless summer will end soon!