Sometimes your customers just need a little reassurance. Here is one way to give them that.

Neuromarketing is the place where brain science and marketing meet and they've discovered a way to build trust in just two words. At the end of your advertisement add the sentence: "You can trust us to do the job for you."

I stumbled across this little fact on a Neuromarketing web site, but the original study can be found here: On the Potential for Advertising to Facilitate Trust in the Advertised Brand by Fuan Li and Paul W. Miniard. The study showed that adding that simple sentence to the end of an advertisement for an auto service firm caused their trust scores to rise by 33%! Check out the break down:

Fair Price – Up 7% Caring – Up 11% Fair Treatment – Up 20% Quality – Up 30% Competency – Up 33%

Many find saying they can be trusted as unnecessary, that the ad speaks for itself. However, this study clearly shows that sometimes your customers just need a little reassurance. What is interesting to note is that all you are saying is that you are the right company for the job, not that you will do it better, faster, or more pleasantly than any other company. It may seem like a cliche, but when you say you are trustworthy brings positive results. It will work for your business. Trust me.