When building a sign making business we are all faced with a number of fears: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being a leader, fear of making the wrong decision. Letting fear dictate the way you run your business can be extremely detrimental. It can stop you from creating the successful, profitable sign business you have dreamed up. To combat such fears you need a healthy dose of self-confidence, which will enable you to do the following things:
  • Go the extra mile. When you are confident in your work, you will be determined to see a project through to completion. Many are content with putting out products that are good enough, but if you know what you are capable of, and intent on achieving it, you'll put out a higher quality product than your competitors, and set your company above the rest.
  • Fulfill your own expectations. There are a countless number of rules in business that don't actually mean a whole lot for you and your business. Decide what matters to you, and act on it. Set aside unwarranted expectations that don't work for you, and handle business on the terms you set for yourself.
  • Produce some of your best work ever. If you are confident in yourself, even when you are afraid of how to proceed, you will step up to the challenge and trust in your ability to pull through. It might be scary, but the results will be nothing short of amazing.
  • Make more friends. Natural confidence is a key part in meeting people and building relationships. It helps you to be sure of yourself and means you don't have to worry about getting approval. Don't come off as cocky, but show that you recognize your good attributes and they will too.
  • Learn to say no. Too often we let ourselves be guilt-ed into doing things we don't actually want to do. Sometimes though, you just have to say no. Rather than feel you must always say yes to make the customer or the employee or the mailman happy, learn when to just say no, and expend your time and energy on more important matters.
  • Stop chasing success. Like failure, success comes and goes. Throughout life, your definition of being successful will likely change. Instead of focusing all your energy on an elusive goal, make it your aim to continual take action in ways that count. Your chances of business success will increase and you'll be satisfied with your work.

Confidence will move you to trust yourself to make the decisions you have to make day in and day out as a business owner. It is not easy to constantly make decisions, and they won't always turn out as you hoped, however, being confident enables you to get over your failures and use them to your advantage, contributing to your overall success.