Well, just another great tutorial idea that you can use in your sign shop from one of my favorite design gurus: John McWade.

In his Before & After blog, he writes about a designer who is trying to match a CMYK color to a specific wall paint that a customer is using in their business. This caught my attention because it is something that happens to a sign shop all the time. A customer brings in a business card and wants you to find a vinyl film that matches. Or wants you match a piece of cloth, or a paint chip, etc.

You haul out your pantone and truematch swatch books, your vinyl color charts, etc. and try to match it exactly. But that may not be possible, or even needed. Close enough may be best.

Read all the reasons why you might want to match (or not match) the color in question at Mr McWade's blog post, "Why Close Enough is Good Enough". And read the comments below the post. They are almost as good as the post itself!