Banner printing is a good, effective way to advertise any business. It is an inexpensive way to make a sign that can promote your brand name, provide company information, highlight a special deal, or raise a call to action. Banner printing is the perfect solution for large business events where many companies will gather to meet, or for smaller corporations looking to create an indoor sign that meets a specific need. When handling banner printing it is important to keep the following basic things in mind:
  • Always check your spelling! This is a pretty simple rule to follow, but we can tend to rely too heavily on spell checkers to do the work for us. Read through the material to be printed word for word. Check that all spelling is accurate, and that the usage of the word is correct as well. Common mistakes include mixing up your and you're or their, there, and they're. Preferably use someone who did not write the banner to edit it.
  • Check the resolution and dimensions of the images and text in the banner. Text and picture size should be proportional to one another. Text size should be large enough to read from the greatest distance of viewers. This will vary depending on where the banner will be situated and with what purpose. Photographs should be clear, with a high enough resolution so as not to appear grainy on the banner.
  • Banner design should be clear and eye-catching. Banners are used to grab a person's attention and draw them in. People normally only spend a few seconds reviewing a banner; the design of the banner should reflect this fact. Be careful not to bog the banner down with too much information or too many images.
  • Pay attention to your colors. What looks good small, may not look so good when blown up on a banner. You will need to coordinate the company's logo or colors with colors that work in banner printing, and we all know the to come up with an aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, effective sign.