At SIGNWarehouse, we offer a lot of different types of sign blanks. A few of them are corrugated plastic, metal blanks and various license plate blanks. Every blank is a new opportunity for a new, creative idea. You can use the metal blanks in real estate signs, corrugated plastic sign blanks for yard sales, political signs, and promotional campaigns. In addition to these, we stock a variety of specialty blanks. These include a dazzling variety of license plates in patterns like zebra stripes, camo, polka dots and more. There are 27 varieties in all. As if that wasn't enough variety, we also offer 10” round sign blanks. You might wonder what one does with a round sign blank. You might be surprised. This article is about the endless signs, designs and innovative ideas you can unlock with our ten inch round sign blanks.

10" White Round Sign Blanks

These round blanks are made of polyethylene plastic and are corona treated. The corona treatment makes the blanks perfect for vinyl lettering, graphics and screen printing. They have two round holes to help with hanging. They're perfectly positioned for hanging one on an interior wall or even tying one to a fence. They're cleverly designed for indoor and outdoor use. Consider them ideal for all kinds of self-adhesive vinyl, both for cutting and printing. While the blanks are great for screen printing and vinyl, they cannot be sublimated because they're not suitable for use in a heat press. Here are some ideas on how to use the blanks.

Designing the Sign

Here are some tips on designing and applying vinyl to the signs. The designs shown in this article were designed in Adobe Illustrator, but the same steps and process can be used in LXi or CorelDRAW. Create a ten inch circle, and place it in the middle of the art board. Setup your art board or work space with a 10.5” by 10.5” area. This provides a margin for full bleed graphics (as seen below on the Welcome, Open and Monogram signs). Next, add the holes to your template. They are a little over half an inch and 3/8th of an inch from the sides. Now you can place them at 12 and 6 o'clock or 3 and 9o'clock. The holes in your template are digital reminders to keep these important elements in mind while you design your graphics. Now you can set your creativity free and design your round blank.

Sport Signs and Awards


One popular application for round sign blanks is in league sports. If you are a coach or team parent, the signs can be great, personalized morale-boosters for your little athlete. Parents can wave them from the stands to support their kids. Schools can add velcro and magnets and place them on lockers. And they work great in dugouts. All of these can be used by booster clubs for fund-raising and as clever and cost-effecitve awards and keepsakes (Fig 1). The Michael #10 baseball sign was created with EnduraMATTE vinyl. Applying the vinyl with a transfer tape was a simple and smooth job. The soccer and volleyball signs at left were both made using Oracal 631. The soccer ball sign also add an Oracal 651 metallic accent for the name and number for a nice effect. The same thing is seen in the 23 volleyball sign, but for Amanda, I took it up a notch and used Amethyst chrome polish vinyl. These are all different types and brands of vinyl, but all worked amazingly well and adhered easily to the plastic sign blanks.

Decorative Signs

Monograms are very popular these days. From sororities to bridal gifts, everyone loves showing off their monogram. My 'CBR' monogram is a circular design with an Aztec border motif that fits the blank well. This one was printed with a PrismJET VJ24 on PrismJET 201 matte vinyl and contour cut with a Rogue vinyl cutter. You can apply the 201 vinyl directly to the sign blank without lamination or app tape, but I suggest using application tape to give the vinyl a little more body. It makes it easy to apply it without stretching the vinyl and to get a nice, smooth, bubble-free application. The last two signs that were made are a Welcome sign and an Open sign. With these, we see the possibilities for both home decor to commercial applications. The Open sign is perfect for small businesses. It was also printed on 201 matte vinyl and is double-sided- Open on one side, Closed on the other. Since it's light weight, you can hang it on a simple hook in the window and flip it over at 5 closing time. The welcome sign was printed on a PrismJET 220 6 mil glossy calendared vinyl. It's a more traditional design that expresses a cheery message in a style that's both contemporary and comfortably familiar.

These kinds of sign blanks can be sold to all kinds of customers in brick and mortar shops and in online marketplaces. In addition to being versatile, our ten inch round sign blanks are surprisingly affordable. They're only $2.37 each with a minimum order quantity of five. Such a small price for so much creative potential! There are endless possibilities for these creative engaging sign blanks. From a welcome sign for your house to tell your guests they can stay awhile, to cheering on your children at their sporting events, round sign blanks can also make great gifts with monograms or personalized messages. A simple Etsy or Pinterest search can start your creativity flowing. Check out the gallery below and stock up on round sign blanks to add unique signs, gifts, and awards to your home, dugout, or storefront.