SIGNWarehouse is proud to welcome the Roland VersaStudio BN2-20 & BN2-20A printer cutters to our growing equipment line-up. Roland is one of the sign and graphics industry's leaders in advanced print and cut technology, and they have succeeded again with an impressive upgrade of one of the industry's best-selling printers.  Like its predecessor the BN-20, the VersaStudio BN2-20 is an integrated desktop printer-cutter. But it’s bigger, faster, and more productive than ever. The new print speed and upgraded software bundle make the BN2 Series printers more capable yet easier to use. They’re still a great choice for creating stickers, heat transfers, and all kinds of small-scale outdoor-durable graphics. A BN2-20 or BN2-20A might just be a perfect fit for you. Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Compact Footprint

The size of the BN2-20 & BN2-20A is one of the main features that make it so versatile. Describing it as a desktop printer can be a little deceiving, but in comparison to large-format printers, substantially less space is needed for this powerhouse of a machine. Because it’s  front-loaded - and because it's two sign production machines in one - it takes up minimal floor space. This means a BN2 printer can be run in most home, school, or office environments.

Bigger, Faster, Better

As noted above, the BN2 printers are an upgrade on the original ground-breaking BN-20 and BN-20A. They still offer the versatility of CMYK or CMYK plus white ink. But the BN2-20 prints at speeds up to 25 square feet/hour - over four times faster than the BN-20. But remember, this is a printer and cutter in one. The BN2 also cuts twice as fast, thanks to upgraded solenoid technology from Roland’s GS2-24 vinyl cutter. Upgrading from a BN-20 to a BN2 printer is an easy way to dramatically increase productivity.  

Making Creativity Easier

The genius of the Roland VersaSTUDIO printer-cutters is how they simplify production of professional-quality vinyl graphics. The BN2 series print and cut process and bundled software make it easy for creatives to produce durable, vivid, engaging images for everything from window decals to posters and apparel transfers.

The integration of the EcoSol Maxx printer with Roland’s legendary vinyl cutting technology means you can create perfectly contour-cut decals on one machine. No crop marks, no scanning issues. Just design it and send it. The BN2 prints and cuts your designs in a simple, seamless workflow. 

That ease-of-use includes a simple setup process guided by a complete series of step-by-step video tutorials. The Roland VersaSTUDIO setup videos empower anyone to setup their printer and get started printing and cutting in a day. No waiting for on-site technical assistance needed.

Bundled Software

One of the features that makes VersaSTUDIO printers so easy to use is the bundled software suite that allows you to create your graphics and manage the printer without having a bachelor’s degree in desktop publishing or graphic design. The package includes FlexiDesigner VersaSTUDIO Edition. FlexiDesigner puts all the design tools you need at your fingertips and easily integrates your graphics into the VersaWORKS RIP.  VersaWORKS includes professional raster printing features like Pantone libraries and Spot Color Replacement tools. And the Roland DG Connect Hub allows you to keep your printer updated, and to keep track of your printer’s status and productivity remotely.


Speaking of creative applications, the BN2-20’s unique attributes support an enormous variety of digital print applications.  The CMYK + White ink option supports printing on non-standard print media including clear static cling, silver metallic vinyl and other media. Other supported applications include…

  • Adhesive stickers for personalization of tablets & laptops
  • Window decals and commercial storefront signage
  • Automotive window stickers
  • Branded totebags
  • Removable wall & floor decals
  • Washfast, vibrant apparel (HTV) transfers

Affordable Startup Solutions

One of the most exciting things about the BN2 Series printers is their affordability. The low price point make Roland’s outdoor print & cut technology accessible to creative entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, artisans, and educators. Our BN2 Series starter bundles start under $6,900, and a complete Pro Starter Bundle with a high-volume SilverBolt heat press, and deluxe ink and media starter kit, is your for less than $9,500. Click here to check out all of our value-packed BN2 Starter bundles!

So, if you own a BN-20 and are ready to boost your productivity, we have the perfect upgrade for you. If you’re looking for a way to turn your ideas into marketable graphics for stickers, apparel transfers and signage, but don’t have a lot of space or capital, we have your compact, affordable, sign solution. And if you know you want a BN2 VersaSTUDIO printer, but want to get it from a trusted, reliable vendor, look no further.