Western Rural Road Street Sign
Signs are every where, even on the range

Signs are among the first things that customers notice, and should therefore make a good impression. Just as the first impression of a person we meet may well stick with us for a while regardless if subsequent impressions prove the original one wrong, so to with your signs' first impression on your customers. Eye-catching signs with bright colors, vivid graphics and a clear, simple design and message are sure to get great results. These 5 basic tips will make your sign stand out among the crowd.

Use Color and Images: The best signs use full-color graphics to grab the reader's eye. Adding a border helps to focus the attention of onlookers and using a different color to enhance important information increases retention and reaction to your sign.

Make it readable: Use a design that highlights the letters, not one that uses cursive letters, or a font that is difficult to read. The easiest color combination to read is yellow letters on a black background or black letters on a yellow background, although there are many other contrasting color combos that work.

Make it POP! The sign and its message need to be visible from the standard viewing distance, and it should stand out from its surroundings. If your sign is small, use a dark backdrop and light letters, which will make the letters easier to read.

Keep it legible. Use clear type styles and sufficient spacing to make sure words and letters can be easily distinguished.

Mix it up! Change the message, the size, the shape or the color to continue holding your customers' attention.

    What do you find makes the most effective sign?