Target Your Customers - Dry Erase Board
In advertising, focus on what benefits you can provide for your customers.
With advertising one thing is for certain - all businesses need it to succeed. The challenge comes when trying to decide on the right kind of advertising for your sign business and the best way to go about executing your marketing plan. There are so many strategies out there when it comes to advertising that it can be hard to decide what is best for your company. As your business grows no doubt you will put into place advertising campaigns with the help of marketing professionals. But, until that time comes I have 5 simple suggestions that will get you started in announcing your products and services to the world.
  1. Study your competitors. Learn everything you can about them and their products, including the way they are marketing themselves.
  2. Focus on what benefits you can do for them. Customers don't often care about the features of your signs - they want to know how your signs can impact their business.
  3. Keep it consistent. Likely you will use a number of mediums to advertise your business. Make sure that your marketing campaign is uniform, targeting one audience, pitching one sale.
  4. Ask for help! TV stations, radios and newspapers often have staff that are more than happy to share with you their thoughts about your advertisement plans. If they make suggestions to modify your campaign, take these into consideration and make changes accordingly.
  5. Get moving! Sure you will have clients who will refer you to other clients, but you can't rely solely on referrals to make your business succeed. You have to get out there and actively advertise if you expect to see results.

It doesn't matter if you advertise on the internet, on the radio, in the newspaper, canvassing, on a billboard or on TV! The most important thing is that you get your business out there and start creating a presence in the industry. It takes time to make your business known but with diligence and patience you will soon see the fruits of your labor.