Most sign business owners have very few issues when it comes to running their small business, but yet they struggle to market it effectively. Marketing is done best went it is relevant and personalized to your customer base. When using direct mail marketing, you should try to be engaging, and interact with the reader, like when having a conversation. (By the way, these tips apply as well to eMail marketing.) It should be clear to your customers that you know who they are, what they like and what they expect from your sign shop. You can do that in direct marketing by employing the following 4 tips:
  1. Recognize the relationship. Address customers by name and thank them for their business. If you haven't spoken to them in awhile, you might want to refer to the last time they purchased from you specifically.
  2. Recommend a product. This is particularly helpful if you can steer them in the direction of an item that compliments, or enhances, something they already bought. Think of the way Amazon offers suggestions for additional products, and try that.
  3. Use social proof. This is done by leveraging social media outlets whenever you can. Turn your customers into your advocates by asking them to rate your services, or comment on your products. Become the type of sign shop that the community trusts.
  4. Personalize everything. Whether you are sending out direct mailing pieces or invoices, make them personal by address the specific needs of your customer. That might mean simply adding a personalized message, or including information about how to purchase additional products, or make payments. Such interest is a way to market while making money.

What tried and true methods do you use when direct marketing?