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Oracal Vinyl Color Chart


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Oracal color samples shown on your monitor may not reflect exact color of the vinyl that's why an Oracal color chart is valuable. It shows small vinyl chips so you can do exact color matching eliminating guesswork. Easily show customers the exact colors they are looking for. 

Includes color samples of:
  • Oracal 951 Premium Cast (including metallics), 751 High Performance Cast
  • Oracal 651 Intermediate Cal, 641 Economy Cal, 631 Exhibition Cal
  • Oracal 8870 Blockout Film, 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast 60%, 8830 Diffuser Premium Cast 30%, Oracal 8800 Translucent Premium Cast,  8500 Translucent Cal, 8300 Transparent Cal
  • Oracal 9300 Luminescent Cast, 8810 Frosted Glass Cast, 8710 Dusted Glass Cal, 8510 Etched Glass Cal, 7510/6510 Fluorescent Cast, 813/811/810s/810 Stencil Films, 383 Ultraleaf Cast, 352 Print Polyester, 351 Metalized Polyester, 341 Promotional Cal
Oracal Vinyl Color Chart also includes all the product technical information for the above products saving time and money in installation.

This color chart no longer lists the VOR970RA Wrapping Film Colors or any of the Oracal Reflective Vinyls.
  • (1) Oracal Vinyl Color Chart includes actual vinyl chips and technical product information of:
  • Oracal 951 Premium Cast (including metallics) 751 High Performance Cast
  • Oracal 651 Intermediate Cal 641 Economy Cal 631 Exhibition Cal
  • Oracal 8800 Translucent Premium Cast 8500 Translucent Cal 8300 Transparent Cal
  • Oralite 5860 High Intensity Grade 5800 High Intensity Construction Grade 5700/5500/5300 Engineer Grade 5600 Fleet Engineer Grade 5081/5071 Lettering Film 5061 Transparent Overlay Film & V98 Conformable Graphic Sheeting
  • Oracal 9300 Luminescent Cast 8810 Frosted Glass Cast 8710 Dusted Glass Cal 8510 Etched Glass Cal 7510/6510 Fluorescent Cast 813/811/810s/810 Stencil Films 383 Ultraleaf Cast 352 Print Polyester 351 Metalized Polyester 341 Promotional Cal