Congratulations on the purchase of your new UniNet DTF direct to film printer!

This page is your portal for accessing all of the support and setup assistance you need to launch or augment your garment decoration business. The links and resources below are designed to connect you with solutions as quickly as possible. There are basic truths you need to know in order to get up and running smoothly and to have the best possible DTF printing experience.

Initial Setup Assistance from UniNet

Initial ink fill and software installation are very important. To ensure everyone has the best possible experience, Uninet provides professional factory-direct Onboarding virtually. Setup and Installation classes are provided in small groups.

The paperwork shipped with your printer also includes a link you can use to contact UniNet and register for the soonest possible setup class.  We encourage you to reach out and register as soon as you receive your printer so that you can transition smoothly from completing the Master Class to enjoying the onboarding.

Start Here: UNINET DTF1000 Onboarding Document


DTF Master Class: You also receive setup assistance through the DTF Master Class video training program - a $699 value - at no charge. Using the lessons learned by its pioneering work in laser transfer, UniNet and Richard Shannon have created a learning experience that walks new decorators through the basics of designing, printing, and applying DTF transfers. Your printer is shipped with a discount code you can use to create your account and begin shortening the learning curve.


Recommended Maintenance

Any white ink-enabled printer requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The DTF1000 includes a white-ink circulation system engineered to keep the ink in the print heads and sub-tank flowing. But daily maintenance is required. This includes manually activating the circulation system and regularly cleaning the maintenance station and capping area.

To support proper maintenance of the printer, every UniNet DTF printer comes with all the tools and supplies needed for routine maintenance, at no extra charge. During your initial setup with your new UniNet DTF printer, be sure to familiarize yourself with routine cleaning cycles and maintenance required to keep your printer firing on all channels. More information on recommended DTF printer maintenance can be found in the DTF Master Class training modules and in your DTF 1000 User's Manual.

UNINET DTF 1000 User's Manual

Speaking of which, you'll want to take some time to review the user's manual. In addition to regular maintenance and software installation information, the manual includes important cautions about proper ventilation, ink curing information, roll feed setup assistance, and more. Click the link below to download your copy now.


Help When You Need It

No matter how well you prepare, sometimes things go awry. If at any time during your DTF 1000 experienc, you find yourself in need of technical assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. SIGNWarehouse Product Support is ready to assist with troubleshooting and solutions. If you need help you can contact UNINET DTF Technical Support or CONTACT US to request assistance.

There you have it! We hope this UniNET DTF 1000 support information leads you to success!