There are several things that can affect the communication between the computer and the R-Series cutter:

1. The cable connection - Due the the limited memory of the R-Series model cutters, using a cable beyond 5 to 6 feet in length is not recommended. Additionally, the cable must be plugged directly between the cutter and the computer; no extension or hub should be used. Also, on a desktop computer, the USB ports on the front of the tower are essentially a built in hub and should be avoided for attaching equipment. If you change any part of your cabling, check the Windows Device Manager to insure that Windows does not change the port number assigned to the USB Serial Port. If it does, remember to change the port in the VE LXI Production Manager to match.

2. The cutter driver - it is possible that the cutter USB driver that was installed could be conflicting with Windows. Rolling the driver back to an older version may correct the issue. Instructions for uninstalling/reinstalling USB Serial driver:

  • Download and extract CDM 2.04.06 driver located here.
  • Once you have the extracted files in their new folder, open the folder, open Update Driver and run the CDM by double clicking on it. A prompt will pop up asking if you want to run the file, choose yes. You should then see a black DOS window open that has a progression of dots going across indicating that it is installing. The dots should go about all the way across the screen. If they don't, check the security programs on the computer as something is not allowing it to install.
  • Restart Windows
  • Check Windows Device Manager for the Device Driver Version. It should be different than If not, run the CDM 2.04.06 driver one more time. Once complete, Windows should update the driver for the USB serial port with this driver. Check the Device Driver Version again to confirm.
You may also be having an issue with the knife offset setting within the VE LXI software. Here are instructions, taken from the Set Up DVD, for adjusting this setting:
Minimize Production Manager. (Do not close it.) On the cut/plot screen, click on the properties button on the top right.
Minimize Production Manager. (Do not close it.) On the cut/plot screen, click on the properties button on the top right.
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Caption Here 


3. Cut/Plot settings - some of the optional tools within the Cut/Plot screen of VE LXI are not recommended for use with the R-Series plotters. Specifically, on the Options tab, use of the Weed Options (Weed Border, Horizontal/vertical weed or split lines, or Easy Weed). Edit the Cutter Driver Options and change from "Cut" to "None". On the Advanced tab, disable all options except for "Overcut". Change the value of "Overcut" to .050

4. A software conflict - Some third party programs can interfere with the communication between the computer and the cutter. Most commonly, this will be a security program (such as an antivirus or firewall, a start up utility, or possibly network or user permissions. To rule out these things, temporarily disable any security programs and star up utilities that are running in the background on the computer. Disconnect from any network the computer may be attached to and make certain that you are logged into windows as a computer administrator.