MUSE Artisan Setup Video header

Congratulations on your purchase of a new MUSE artisan vinyl cutter. You’ve come to the right place to get started. To view the MUSE Artisan vinyl cutter setup video tutorials, just scroll or swipe down the page. Below, you’ll see all of the setup video’s segments and their respective summaries. We suggest you watch them in sequence when you setup your cutter, then come back and view them at your discretion as needed.

As comprehensive as we tried to make the Artisan setup video, it’s not the only support resource for the Artisan. The User Manual and other resources are available on the Artisan Support Resources page.

Segment One: Floor Stand Assembly

    • Assembling the Floor Stand
    • Mounting the Vinyl Cutter

Segment Two: Ports & Pinch Rollers


  • Power & media ports
  • Pinch Roller Activation & Placement

Segment Three: Loading Media


  • Loading Roll Media
  • Optimizing Tracking
  • Loading Sheeted vinyl
  • Using the Adhesive Cutting Mat

Segment Four: Blades, Blade-Holders, Plotter Pen


  • Loading Blades in Blade-Holder
  • 45° & 60° Blades
  • Plotting Pen

 Segment Five: Control Panel


  • LCD Display Functions
  • Control Panel Keys

 Segment Six: Control Panel Menu


  • LCD Menu Settings
  • Languages
  • Advance Mode

 Segment Seven: Control Panel - Speed & Force


  • LCD Speed, Force Display
  • Setting Cutting Force
  • Setting Cutting Speed
  • Choosing 45° or 60° Blades
  • Media Driven Considerations
  • Design Driven Considerations

 Segment Eight: Control Panel - WIFI Configuration


  • Connecting to WIFI Networks
  • Setting Password
  • IP Address

 Segment Nine: Software Installation - LXI


  • Downloading & Installing LXi
  • Artisan Driver Setup

 Segment NineA: LXi - First Cut Job


  • LXi Design Interface
  • Cut Plot Window
  • Default Job Properties

Segment Ten: Software Installation - Create Space


  • Downloading & Installing Create Space *
  • Artisan Driver Setup

 Segment Eleven: Wifi Software Update - LXi


  • Connecting your PC to the Wireless Network
  • Updating the Artisan driver in LXI

 Segment Twelve: Wifi Software Update - Create Space


  • Connecting your PC to the Wireless Network
  • Updating the Artisan driver in Create Space

 Segment Thirteen: U-Disc Cutting


  • Artisan U-Disc port
  • LXi driver update
  • Create Space driver update
  • Artisan U-disc Menu Process

 Segment Fourteen: Troubleshooting Tips


  • Connection Issues
  • Cutting Issues
  • Weeding Issues
  • Tracking Issues

* Create Space is a cross-platform application that runs on both MAC and Windows operating systems. The Artisan setup video segment for Create Space shows elements of both versions. For a complete MAC based setup video process, please refer to the MUSE M-Series setup video.