If you need repair service performed on your printer, vinyl cutter, laminator, or heat press, we are happy to assist. Some repairs can be completed by end users with parts obtained from SIGNWarehouse product support. For repairs that need to be performed in-house, you may need to ship your equipment back. This page details the policies that govern shipping of equipment to SIGNWarehouse for repair on products under warranty and out of warranty.

A SIGNWarehouse Product Support technician must first authorize the return of your equipment for repair. You will be given an authorization number that should be visible on your shipping label (see below). Return authorizations are good for 15 Days past the date the authorization was issued. If the product has not been received in the 15 Days allowed you may need to contact Product Support again for another return authorization code. Repairs received without authorization may be refused.

All repairs MUST be received in the original packaging. If the original packaging has been lost or destroyed, you may be able to purchase packaging from the shipper of your choice. Allowing the shipper to package the product will also greatly reduce the possibility that the carrier will deny any damage claims due to 'insufficient packaging'. This is the best way to return equipment if you no longer have the original box or crate.  Anything returned to Signwarehouse not in the original or approved replacement packaging may be refused by our Receiving department and returned to the owner without being repaired.

Inbound Shipping

Shipping cost to SIGNWarehouse is not covered in your warranty. To ensure a timely turn around, shipping must be paid for in advance for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. This policy applies to normal warranty repairs. Shipping costs for returns for equipment deemed defective at time of purchase may be covered by SIGNWarehouse at the discretion of the company.

You should only return the item that is to be repaired (ie vinyl cutter or printer). Please do not include floor stands, thumb drives, installation disks or other accessories other than your blade holder. If these items are lost or damaged during transit to our facility they will not be replaced and will have to be repurchased thru Customer Service.

Insurance and damages: We strongly recommend that customers purchase insurance through their carrier of choice so that, if equipment is damaged in transit to SIGNWarehouse, a claim can be filed and the customer can be sufficiently reimbursed. SIGNWarehouse is not liable for any damages that may occur during transit to our facility. If customer equipment arrives damaged, the SIGNWarehouse Receiving staff will note and document the damage and alert the customer so that he or she may file a claim with the carrier. SIGNWarehouse will assist the customer in filing said claim, but it will be the customer’s responsibility to pursue this option.

Ship all repairs to:
SIGNWarehouse, Inc
2614 Texoma Dr.
Denison, Tx. 75020
ATTN: Product Support
Return # - xxxxxx

Outbound Shipping

After warranty repair or replacement has been completed by SIGNWarehouse Product Support, the equipment in question will be returned to the customer. SIGNWarehouse will cover the cost of shipping certain classes of equipment back to the customer after repair. * SIGNWarehouse will arrange for the product return and will be responsible for proper packaging and insurance of customer equipment.

Shipping costs and methods: All printers and vinyl cutters under a 30-inch maximum media width will be returned via Fedex Ground or Fedex Home. SIGNWarehouse will insure and cover the cost of return shipping to the customer for these products in the Continental US.

Printers, cutters, and laminators larger than 30 inches will be shipped via truck freight to prevent damage to customers’ equipment.* Customers are responsible for arranging for return transit for these products and for insuring them adequately.

Supplemental Instructions

The name, company name, and address you ship from and want your equipment returned to must match information listed on your SIGNWarehouse account. If the information you provide on your box and/or return labels does not match available information in our system, we reserve the right to refuse receipt of said equipment.

Please insure your account information is correct at the time of service with the technician. In order to provide timely and efficient service, we must know about any changes to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information.

Please click here to submit a ticket and initiate repair of your product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SIGNWarehouse Product Support at support@signwarehouse.com.