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A Buyers' Guide to Digital Media and Ink

Running a successful printing business, whether on a small or large scale, requires the use of the right tools. These are not enough if the digital media and ink used is not of the best quality for the printing job. Here, at SIGNWarehouse, some of the best digital media and inks are all available under one roof to ensure that each printing job is of the highest quality.

Starting with T-shirts and Heat Transfer Vinyl

Your guide to getting started: Equipment, fabrics, tapes, design creation with software, image transfers and much more

Newcomers to the t-shirt printing business will want to know some of the tricks of the trade, especially how to use Heat transfer vinyl. Once its application has been mastered, Heat transfer vinyl has many uses and can be used to brand any number of items, including bags, leather, notebooks and wood.

Below are several things to keep in mind when starting. These exploratory topics can be studied in-depth, individually. Let’s take a closer look: