Many times the first contact a customer has with your business will be over the telephone. It can, at times, be a challenge to communicate clearly over the phone.

If you are in the middle of a crowded office or sitting in front of a computer screen cutting out distractions is the first step to clear communication. You also want to make sure you are communicating on the same level as the customer. If you notice a customer is speaking slowly, perhaps struggling with the language, try and match their pace. If they are elderly you may want to raise your voice, but if they are simply not a native English speaker the best thing to do is to speak slowly and clearly. Speaking louder won’t help a customer understand English better. If it is apparent that the person is in a hurry, you may want to speed up and cut to the chase, while still being polite.

For many customers clear phone communication is a basic and vital step to selecting a company. Remembering to match the pace of your customers will show them you are attentive and able to fill their needs. Eliminating distractions ensures you are focused on the client on the phone and enables you to provide them with quality assistance.