Let's face it, as sign shop owners we spend a fair amount of time working out of our vehicles. While you may be able to draw up quotes using estimating software at the office where you do the bulk of your sign fabrication, there are plenty of times when you find yourself on the road, heading to a customers business to scope out their current sign situation, or get accurate measurements on their window display. If you find yourself doing a lot of work out of your vehicle, than it is imperative that you get your office-on-wheels organized. Here are three tips:
  • The first thing you should do is purchase a portable, plastic file box with a lid. It doesn't need to be anything fancy; Office Depot offers a basic $10 model. Buy file holders and folders that can be used to divide the file box into sections and organize documents you will need on the road. Clearly label each file folder with headings such as: principal vendor catalogs, vinyl catalogs, smaller samples, important phone numbers, etc.
  • Get a smaller document box to store additional items that might come in handy on the road, such as spare X-acto blades, scissors, a receipt book, invoices, coins and aspirin. To keep things even more organized, use Velcro, or some other means to attach the document box to the plastic file box.
  • Most small document boxes come with a clip that is perfect for attaching information you will need at arm's length, such as a Google Maps or MapQuest printout with directions to the job, or a to-do list for a day of errands. On solo days driving from potential job sites to suppliers and stores, fastening this portable office into the passenger seat, secured by the seat belt, is an incredible useful resource without much of an additional cost.