If you and your customers love the look of Siser Glitter, but aren’t crazy about the feel, you'll be happy to hear that there’s a softer way to bling up your world. Siser offers a variant of their best-selling EasyWeed t-shirt vinyl that looks almost as brilliant as Glitter but feels like a normal Polyurethane heat transfer film. It offers the best of both worlds; eye-catching metallic color, and a soft hand. You can even apply in layers. If you add some of this to your heat transfer product offering, your bling-happy customers will have a positively electrifying apparel experience.

EasyWeed Electric Overview

As the name implies, Siser EasyWeed Electric is a subset of Siser's popular EasyWeed heat transfer film. It’s not a completely different product. So if you love EasyWeed, you’ll find EasyWeed Electric - well - easy to use. If you’re not familiar with EasyWeed, here’s a quick introduction. Siser EasyWeed is a 3.5 mil Polyurethane heat transfer film, aka T-shirt vinyl. EasyWeed is a hot or cold peel film, but most users peel it hot for faster turnaround. The self-adhesive polyester carrier holds the film in place, so you can weed the film aggressively. You can even re-position small pieces that come loose during weeding. The applied graphics are fairly soft and very durable. EasyWeed is compatible with most commonly used fabrics. You can use it on cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, Lycra spandex, and even leather.

It’s Electric

So what’s different about Siser EasyWeed Electric? Like most heat transfer films, Easy Weed has a matte finish. The idea is to make the applied letters look like part of the fabric. They’re supposed to blend in. The Electric range is a set of colors that take the opposite approach. They don’t blend in, they shout 'Look at me, I am Fabulous!' EasyWeed Electric offers a high gloss, pearlescent metallic sheen. Some colors add a subtle embossed effect in the face film. The usual choice for eye-catching metallic heat transfer applications these days is Siser Glitter. But Glitter, as brilliant as it is, has some down sides. It’s very thick which makes it harder to cut, harder to weed, and not as comfortable to wear. And it’s too thick to apply in layers or overlapping designs. Not so with Electric. EasyWeed Electric is only 90 microns thick, so it feels great on apparel, it can be applied on stretchy fabrics such as Lycra spandex, and it can be applied in layers and overlapping designs.

How wide, How many, How much, How to Apply?

EasyWeed Electric comes in 15” wide rolls – well, 14.75” actually. But you can get it in lengths from 3 feet to 50 yards. We offer it in 17 colors including the new Electric Tungsten. Prices start at just $8.99 for 3-foot rolls. 15" x 15 foot rolls are yours for only $42.00. How do you use it? Glad you asked. By now, you won't be surprised to hear that the application instructions are the same as those for EasyWeed. Cut the design in reverse and weed away the excess film. Set your heat press to 305°F (150°C) and medium pressure. Cover the graphic with a Teflon sheet, press for 10 - 15 seconds, and peel hot or cold. If you’re applying it in layers, the bottom layer can be pressed for just five seconds or so. Then press the top layer for the full 15. If you're looking for something new and sparkly to add to your heat transfer product offerings, consider Siser EasyWeed Electric. It offers all the cool features you love about EasyWeed, but in a range of bold brilliant metallic hues. Its eye-catching brilliance rivals that of Glitter, but is easier to cut, weed, layer, and wear.