Wondering how you can get a multi-colored vinyl sign to align? Here's an easy solution you might try:

First: After you have completed your graphics or finished your design, but before you export to your cut software, place small 1/4" squares on one or two various spots of your design. These strategically placed squares will later be used as "registration marks".

Next: Import your design into your cut program and select all of the registration squares. If you use the group command you will be able to select them all at once, rather than clicking on each one individually.

Next: As you cut each color of vinyl use care to make sure that you select the squares to cut with each color as well. Be careful when weeding the vinyl; make sure that the squares do not move or get lost.

Last: As you apply the vinyl to the substrate, line up the squares over one another as you go. When you are done, simply peel it off and Voila! A lined up vinyl layer.

Bonus Tip: Tear away the liner around the squares before applying it to the substrate. This will allow you to see through the pre-mask or app tape to better line it up and tack it in place.