Data On The Go 
What do you do to get ready to work off site?
Do you tend to do a lot of work on the go? Sometimes managing your sign making business can take you out of your normal work environment, and when that happens you need to make sure that you can still operate the technical side of your business on the road. Use these 5 tips to help you manage your data while working out of the office.
  1. Keep your mobile gadgets synced. I am a big fan of Google Calendars, and always make sure to sync my phone to my calendar before I head out on a job, and especially before I travel.
  2. If you are traveling with a computer, considering downloading important information such as documents or contact information, that way you have instant access, even if you cannot connect to the internet.
  3. Use your handheld device to take notes on the road and immediately store any new contact information you get in it.
  4. Print out paper back-ups of the most important items you will need on the road, just in case.
  5. Store information in some sort of cloud computing service, that way all you need is Internet access and you will be able to store and edit information remotely.
  6. The best tool for managing data on the go is a USB stick. Just make sure you don't lose it or leave it behind while traveling between working environments!

Working for your small business on the road? What do you use to manage your data while not at your normal office space?