The green movement is upon us, and likely you are trying to implement a few green techniques in your business by recycling old materials, turning lights and computers off, switching to CFL bulbs, and being more resourceful. Did you know you can get even greener by examining the way you are making your signs? Environmentally friendly products are widely available in the sign making industry and today we are going to highlight a few of them.

Enviroboard™ Enviroboard™ is a multi-ply, moisture-resistant alternative to foam and corrugated plastic boards. It is made up of 10% post-consumer waste and 90% Forestry Stewardship Council-certified fiber. The entire production process of Enviroboard™ is considered environmentally friendly; fabricated into composite material using a water-based adhesive, it is also green to the last, being completely recyclable. For more info on Enviroboard™ visit

CET Color CET color offers UV printing solutions with no VOCs. They print directly onto substrates, making them environmentally friendly. Read more at

Governments Energy Star Program for LED Displays The government rates different LED displays according to the effencies and energy they use. These ENERGY STAR certified signage displays, also known as digital signage come with more efficient and cooler-running panel technologies that can save you money. On average, signage displays that have earned the ENERGY STAR are 18 percent more energy efficient. Energy Star Program for LED Displays Terralon - DreamScape This PVC-free printable wallcovering is made from a remarkable 31% recycled waste. It is installed the same as traditional wallcoverings, and looks nearly identically, but assists in LEED points, and makes you a whole lot greener. Go to for more information.

GE Lighting Solutions GE is back it again, inventing the Tetra PowerStrip, designed to replace the fluorescent lighting in box signs. Maintenance costs will be reduced for signs using the Tetra Powerstrip, and energy costs may be cut by as much as 80%. More information is available on

Laminators Inc. Laminators Inc has developed a new line of rigid paper composite board called the Omega TerraMax. It is made for direct digital printing and is 100% recyclable. The core of the board is made of 100% recycled paper, and its face is made of 100% virgin fiber certified by the FSC. Visit to check it out. Being environmentally friendly takes a little extra work, and requires an additional cost. However, a study done by the National Retail Federation showed that 42% of consumers said they are more likely to purchase from a company they believe to be environmentally responsible.

So, while you doing your part may take additional effort, it is worth it in the eyes of many consumers. Take advantage of the advances in technology and materials to show your environmentally responsibility as a sign business owner.