Definition of plethora: Excess, superfluity; also: profusion, abundance, ginormous amount. See LXi vinyl cutter drivers. Okay, that's not really the textbook definition of plethora. But the enormous number of cutters supported by LXi software is a definitive plethora: a whole bunch. A mess of cutters. Just how many cutter drivers does LXi have? Why does LXi support so many different plotters? And why does it matter? The answers are just past the Read more button.

Why a Plethora? Before we get lost in the numbers, we should talks about the reason. Why does Vinyl Express LXi software support so many different makes and models of vinyl cutters? Because we're at the center of the action. LXi has been an integral part of the digital sign and graphics industry for decades. It's a building block of the sign industry. Countless entrepreneurs have built their businesses on vinyl cutters driven by LXi software. LXi and its plethora of plotter drivers are like rungs in the ladder of success. We're committed to maintaining that ladder.

Some of the vinyl cutters we support come with their own bundled software. That begs the question; why use Vinyl Express software with someone else's cutter? Isn't their bundled software good enough? Well, no. Lots of these are entry-level cutters with very basic software crippled by minimal tools and functionality. These starter bundles and their barren tool sets inhibit creativity and lower the potential quality of your designs. This makes you less competitive and limits your sign businesses' potential growth.

LXi Drives Over 1,000 Cutters. When you look at the full line of features available in LXi, with different levels for different needs, it's easy to see why LXi should be your software choice, no matter whose cutter you're using.

 Enough about the whys and wherefores. It's time for the hard facts. LXi supports over 1,000 different makes and models of vinyl cutters. The list of supported brands alone is ginormous. LXi drives 97 different brands of vinyl cutters including Vinyl Express, Graphtec, Roland, GCC, MUTOH, Summa, Gerber, Anagraph, Ioline, Allen Datagraph, Seiki, Mimaki, Saga, and EuroSystems. Some of these brands include as many as 59 different models for a grand total of… 9.7 boatloads of cutter drivers. LXi supports a ginormous plethora of vinyl cutters. A mess and a half to be exact. We do this because we're committed to ensuring that LXi software continues to be one of the essential rungs in the ladder of your success.

So whatever hardware you're using to cut vinyl, it's a pretty good bet we can give you a more complete sign-making tool set that unleashes your potential to be creative and competitive. So when you're ready to upgrade your shop to professional quality, do-it-all software, click here to take the next step up the ladder.