What makes a good product great is continuous improvement. LXi software is one of the many great products available from SIGNWarehouse. LXi has been an integral tool for sign makers for decades enabling creative people to translate ideas into great graphics for vinyl signs and digital apparel decoration. LXi has been the driving force behind for tens of thousands of Vinyl Express, Graphtec and Roland vinyl cutters

Despite its impressive legacy of value and performance, we continue to look for ways to make LXi even more capable, more user-friendly, and more valuable to our customers. The latest improvement is the addition of just one feature. It's a small detail, but it removes a roadblock to success for some aspiring sign makers. It can be summed up in three letters: SVG.

LXi Now Supports SVG Files SVG is obviously an acronym, but what does it mean? Sautéed Vegan Gumballs? Silly Venusian Gallophile? None of the above. In the graphics industry, SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic. It's a vector file format used in some graphic design applications. Most vector graphics are scalable, which means they can be enlarged infinitely without distorting the image. Other scalable vector file formats include .AI and .EPS. These have been the standard file formats in the sign and graphics industry for decades.

SVG files are commonly found in cutter and software products sold to crafters in applications like scrapbooking and stick figure clip art. Why & How Why do we need to add SVG file support to LXI and how does it work? The why is more important. We have many customers who start with a craft cutter, realize its limitations and aspire to something better. They decide on a Vinyl Express EnduraCUT or Q Series cutter. But they have three and a half bazillion .SVG files they want to continue to use. How do you upgrade your equipment without having to scrap all of your existing designs? This was a roadblock to people's aspirations that needed to be removed.

Fig 1: Select SVG from the updated file import list (Click thumbnail to enlarge)

How does it work? It couldn't be simpler. Just open any level of LXI 12 software and use the File/Import function. Surf to your saved .SVG file, select it, and click Open to import it into your LXi workspace (Fig 1). You may have to use the ungroup or uncompound command feature to edit the file. Then edit as needed or send it to your cutter. Please click here for more information from the blog about this process.

The SVG import feature is included in any new LXI 12 license installed. If you already own an LXi 12 license and would like to add this, login to your Cloud account, download the license and reinstall it. As part of our ongoing commitment to make LXi the best vector graphics software application in the industry, we have added yet another feature. The addition of .SVG files to our already extensive list of supported import file formats makes it more valuable to aspiring creatives. If you started with a craft cutter and are ready for an equipment upgrade, one of your roadblocks to success has just been removed. You're welcome.