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7 reasons to move your sign making business to an office!

In a time when everyone is trying to keep overhead low running a sign making business from your home seems like a great idea. While working from home is a great solution if you are looking for ways to save money, or simply trying to keep your business afloat by cutting costs, there comes a time for most businesses when moving out of the house and into the office becomes a necessity.

Transferring your business from your home to an off-site commercial building is quite a change! The decision may be made for business and financial reasons, but don't expect to not feel the effects emotionally or in your day to day life. After all, you won't be waking up starting work in your PJs at 9:00 if you move to an office on the other side of town. If family members have unofficially been helping out with aspects of the business, perhaps sometimes in a way that goes unnoticed by you, expect to notice it real fast once the office is no longer at the house.

So, if working from home is more comfortable, cheaper and easier, why move to an office? Consider the following reasons to move:

  1. Taking the office out of the house removes a large amount of stress from the shoulders of your family members. While they may not be complaining, in all likelihood having the business at home puts more of a strain on them then they are willing to admit.
  2. Offices are conducive to efficiency. You will likely find you are much more productive at the office than you ever were working from home.
  3. Working from an office tends to make you run the business more seriously.
  4. Customers and employees both respect businesses more when they are not run from the home.
  5. A business run out of an office is a lot more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell it in the future.
  6. You can even do like a friend of mine and keep the real estate and rent out the property to the new owner. Once the property is paid off you'll have a nice little monthly payment coming in to augment your income.
  7. The best reason to move your business out of the home is that it helps keep work in its place. It is so easy to let your job take over when you run your own business - even more so when it is out of your own home. Getting set up in an office means that at some point you lock up and go home and can leave work where it belongs!