Why All the Reusable Cups?

Gold glitter conical tumbler ready for sublimation

How fast have you found yourself drinking your morning dose of hot coffee or tea before it grows cold? And how many times have you reached for your perfectly-prepared cold drink and ended up spilling it all over yourself and your car? Or reached for your water bottle after a workout and had to drink tepid H2O?

As Mighty Mouse sort of used to sing, “Here cups come to save the day!” Though minor inconveniences, they are annoying and are solved by reusable drinkware. The lids save your car, and the temperature-controlled aspect of them saves your mouth.

You find reusable cups everywhere. Who doesn’t want to drink out of a cup with their kid’s face on it? Or spread the word about their artistic ability by giving friends coffee mugs with their latest Picasso-esque drawing? It is like Blue Car Syndrome. Activate your reusable cup radar and you will likely see dozens of them during a week’s time. Start by looking in your own kitchen.

From a marketing perspective, one international coffee company has employed reusable coffee cups as a canvas for their logo since 1994. And it works! You’re probably picturing the mermaid now.

Sublimation for Advertising

That coffee company is not alone in using drinkware for name-recognition advertising. The market for refillable, reusable drinkware has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Think of how many times a day you see a phrase or logo on a coworker’s cup, or a cyclist with a reusable sports bottle attached to his bike.

Along with high profit margins for this line of drinkware, the movement toward eco-friendly, reusable items has increased the need for a variety of choices of reusable cups. No longer are plastic water bottles and paper or plastic cups the best and only option. In fact, some companies are phasing them out completely as part of their “clean” commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Consumers are opting for endurable, reusable, sustainable items, and drinkware is a popular and easy choice.

Businesses large and small, have seen this trend and are adjusting to meet these needs. From cups for hot and cold drinks to wine tumblers, the market for personalized drinkware reflecting a logo, personal name, or décor is continuing to rise. Sports teams, school clubs and organizations, and businesses use them for continuous name recognition. And they are a top choice for gifts for parties, special days, and giveaways.

Endura HTX Drinkware Sublimation Blanks

It starts with the cup. Using inferior substrates and ink will not create a sharp image or a lasting product. Enter Endura HTX drinkware sublimation blanks. SignWarehouse carries a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes of this customizable drinkware. The tumblers and mugs are polymer-coated and customizable, made of stainless steel, and feature double-wall, vacuum construction to keep drinks cold or hot. The cola bottles are also stainless steel. Finally, the sports bottles are aluminum construction. All fit in most mug presses for sublimation and present an affordable and relatively easy way to expand the products you offer existing customers or get you in the personalized drinkware game.

HTX sublimation wine tumblers, coke bottles, skinny tumblers, and other drinkware.
Endura HTX drinkware sublimation blanks come in a variety of colors and sizes

Personalize for Perfect Products

A simple, always-appreciated, personalized gift suitable for all occasions is a tumbler with your loved one’s name emblazoned on it vertically. Endura HTX 20-ounce skinny tumblers come in a gloss, glitter, or holographic finish in white, silver, purple, light blue, green, gold, and pink. All colors come sublimation-ready, and the gloss and holographic tumblers can also accept vinyl application for a personalization option. Each skinny tumbler comes with a transparent lid and reusable metal straw.

Pop, cola, soda, coke. Different words; same substance. In some parts of the South, all colas are referred to as coke. “What kind of coke do you want?” makes no sense unless you grew up with it. Print anything you want and fill with any iteration of soda you like in the HTX 24-ounce cola bottles. Larger than the sports bottles and without the clip, these are a nice size for carrying more ounces of fluid in a narrower format than travel mugs or tumblers. They also come in 12-ounce and 17-ounce sizes, in a variety of solid and gradient colors and finishes.

The HTX 16-ounce conical tumblers are a great option for hot or cold drinks. They are a nice size to carry in a car or truck and are available in gloss and satin, iridescent, and glitter finishes, in color options white, silver, purple, light blue, green, gold, and pink.

HTX sublimation wine tumbler.
Pink gradient wine tumbler ready for sublimation

Sporting and Wining Support

Who knew wine could be portable? Perfect for backyard parties so you need not worry about your guests spilling your perfectly-chosen cabernet. Endura HTX wine tumblers are 12-ounce, in gloss, gradient, glitter, and holographic finishes. Colors available are white, silver, white and pink (gradient), gold, pink, light blue, purple, green, red, and dark blue.

The HTX aluminum sports bottles can handle 16-ounces of your favorite beverage and have a built-in carbine clip for attaching to backpacks, lunch bags, and bikes. In silver metallic or gloss white finish, these make excellent gifts for the workout kings and queens who carry their water around while they work out. Personalized sports bottles allow you to carry water from machine to machine and keep others from swiping your water. They are also a very affordable giveaway for gyms hoping to advertise their services while encouraging hydration.

And Finally, the Coffee (or Tea)

At some point we all hope to be traveling long distances again. While the COVID-19 pandemic reduced air travel, driving trips and commuting to the office have been our travel choices the last two years. The HTX 14 oz travel mugs fit perfectly in car or truck cup holders. This is one of the most requested sizes for coffee on the go. Stainless steel construction in gloss white and satin silver, they provide a wide, consistent surface for logos and other personalization.

But How Difficult Is It, Really?

Personalizing with dye sublimation is simple: dye sublimation takes ink and permanently applies or bonds it to a surface. Endura HTX tumblers, mugs, bottles, and cups from SignWarehouse are all sublimation-ready.

The heat press used to apply the ink to paper which is then pressed to the drinkware and heated to the perfect temperature (depending on the item). When the paper is removed, the item is now personalized. Large and small batches of personalizations can be created with this process.

Give sublimation a try using Endura HTX drinkware sublimation blanks. You may find yourself designing so many cups for yourself you have one for each day of the week.