The newest addition to the EnduraPRESS family is the EnduraPRESS MF15 Multi-Function Combo Heat Press. This compact, multi-function combo heat press can help your company to take that next step! This press comes with five different attachments including a mug attachment, cap attachment, and two plate attachments. All of these supplement the 11 x 15 swing-away setup that's great for shirts and other flat items. Each attachment is lightweight and easy to use. You can switch from one job to another in minutes. The MF15 press can be used to decorate shirts, mouse pads, mugs, caps, plates and other endless possibilities. If you are looking for a heat press to bring something new to your company, why not see what the EnduraPRESS MF15 can bring to the table!

The Shirt Press

The basic setup out of the box is a 12" x 15" shirt press, which is great for garment decoration. This press is a swing away, which makes placing and removing garments safe and easy. and easy placement on the garment. Unlike some presses that can only swing open to the right, the MF15 can swing to the right or left. The convenient handles make it easy to maneuver the platen. The LCD display is like the one that you have seen on the other EnduraPRESS products. It's a simple interface where you can set your temperature, press time, degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius, temperature calibration and set a pre-alarm. There is also a counter to help keep track of your press cycles. The pre-alarm setting is useful if you are doing sublimating a mug and need to walk away to get something set up for the next run. This feature will beep to remind you that it’s close to finishing.

Quick & Easy Changes

FIG 1: Disconnecting the power cable is easy

Switching from the shirt setup to one of the four attachments is easy. To change out the heat platen, just disconnect the power line for the upper platen and loosen a couple of wing nuts. The connection uses an aviation style circular connector. It will need to be plugged in securely. Make sure to line up the pins in the connector. Once it’s all the way in, then thread it tightly for a secure connection. To disconnect the upper platen from the handle, just loosen the wing nuts and slide the platen out of the brackets. Inserting the upper platen for the cap and plate attachments is the reverse. Just slide it into the brackets, tighten the wing nuts and connect the power cable. It's really easy. One word of caution: the press heats up quickly, especially the plates, cap and mug press. Always power down the press and allow it to cool before changing attachments. Now let's look at each attachment a little more in-depth.

Mug Attachment

The mug attachment is like our MP5 mug press. There are a few differences. The mug attachment is engineered for 11 oz mugs. This is the standard size for traditional coffer mugs, so there's an enormous market for this attachment. If you want more options, you can move up to the MP5, which can be configured with optional mug fittings for different sizes and shapes of drinkware. The MP5's fittings aren't compatible with the MF15 mug attachment, so there is a bit of a trade-off for the versatility of the MF15 combo unit. The mug press is great for dye sublimation and laser transfers. Remember that the dye sublimation will only work with polymer-coated cups and mugs. The sublimation ink will dye the polymer and won’t wash out. Laser transfers can work on these mugs as well along with many more products, like stainless steel tumblers. Here is an article with some tips to help with dye sublimation. The main difference between the MP5 standalone mug press and the MF15 mug attachment is the timer trigger. With the MP5, you start the cycle timer by pushing the red button on the side of the control panel. Not so with the MF15. Since the mug attachment, well...attaches to the swing-away press, you start the timer by lowering the handle for the upper platen.

Plate Attachment

FIG 2: A laser transfer on a plate.

The MF15 combo heat press comes with two plate attachments. They're 4.75” and 6” in diameter. These replace the upper swing-away heat platen and close on the standard 12” by 15” lower platen. You can use these attachments to decorate plates, round ceramic tiles and other products. The cycle timer works the same way as the shirt press and mug attachment. Remember, if you would like to sublimate an item, it must be polymer-coated. For more information on sublimating different kinds of blanks, Sawgrass is a great resource. If you would like to watch the videos, you must register your Sawgrass Virtuoso printer. However, laser transfer printers can be used to decorate plates also, and laser transfer doesn't require the polymer-coating. So if you have an OKI or iColor setup, you can decorate plates from your local hobby store or retailer. For the laser transfer, you must use hard surface laser transfer paper. SignWarehouse sells the iColor Hard Surface Laser Transfer Paper. Whether you sublimation or laser transfer, the plate attachments open a whole new world of products to decorate.

Cap Attachment

FIG 3: Installing the lower table for the cap attachments takes only a few minutes.

The MF15's cap attachment is a lot alike our SA-CP36 cap press. Caps are great for heat transfer vinyl. You will need to make sure you use the heat transfer film for the cap's fabric. And follow that material's time, temperature and pressure settings of course. It can slow down production when you press an item and it doesn’t stick or only presses half of it. Like the standalone cap press, the cap attachment has a curved top heating element and a curved lower platen. This platen will be curved to match the curve of the hats. This will provide even heat and pressure to your product. The main difference between the cap attachment and the standalone cap press is the distance between the lower table and the base of the heat press. The SA-CP36 has a taller base and a spring-loaded brace that holds the back of the cap against the base and stretches the crown over the lower table. This allows for a tight fit even on larger caps. The cap attachment doesn't have this feature and the base is a little shorter, so it's not quite as versatile for larger caps. The lower platen will need to be changed out because it not work with the platen that is used for the shirt, and two plate presses (Fig 3). The tools needed to change the platen out are a hex wrench and a pair of piers. The piers help hold the washer on the bottom while you tighten the top. The top of the cap attachment replaces the 12 x 15 platen with a couple of easily removed wing nuts.

As you can see, the new EnduraPRESS MF15 Multi-function combo heat press has endless opportunities for your hobby or company. With an MF15, you can switch from decorating shirts to mugs in minutes. Your customers can come to you for all their marketing needs. Like all EnduraPRESS products, the MF15 Combo press offers great value and quality. Visit our video channel to see how easy it is to use the MF15 combo heat press. Click here to order your EnduraPRESS MF15 Combo and start bringing smiles to your customers faces - and yours!