Busy sign shops with large format printers produce stunning vehicle wraps, banners, commercial window graphics, backlit signs, wall wraps and more. To produce all those cool graphics printers drink ink. To use the SIOPS business model, Ink is one of the inputs, for which pretty prints are output. The benefit of managing your inputs and outputs well is profit. Reducing the cost of your inputs naturally makes your output more profitable. It’s the kind of thing that makes accountants giddy. One way to reduce the input cost of printing is to switch from OEM to ‘third party’ ink. Another possibility is to upgrade from smaller to larger ink cartridges. If you can do both, you can net some serious savings. Our EnduraINK PRO one liter ink bags are the ultimate print profit builder.

EnduraINK PRO overview

If you’re new to EnduraINK PRO ink, here’s a quick primer. SIGNWarehouse sells more MUTOH-made printers than anyone in America. So naturally, we have lots of customers asking for less expensive ink. 
To provide our customers with a more affordable alternative we offer EnduraINK PRO eco-solvent ink. EnduraINK PRO ink isn’t just an off-brand substitute. It’s CPSIA Compliant, EN-71/3 Compliant, Prop 65 Compliant and GBL Free. You may not be familiar with all of those certifications. If you’d like to know more, you can follow the links to dig in to the details. The short summary is this. EnduraINK PRO is one of the safest, most environmentally friendly solvent-based inks on the market. It’s safe for school, home and office use. You can even use it to print decals for toys. But the main purpose of eco-solvent ink is printing durable outdoor graphics. So you’ll also be happy to know that EnduraINK PRO offers OEM-comparable color gamut, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance. And it’s so well formulated, you can use your Eco Ultra ICC profiles. It’s offered in 220 and 440ml cartridges. The 220 cartridges are for PrismJET 24”, 48” and 54” and 64" printers. The 440ml option is only for 64" MUTOH and Roland printers*.

EnduraINK PRO Economy

EnduraINK PRO is just as vibrant, tough, and durable as OEM ink. And you can switch without having to build new profiles. And it’s CPSIA compliant. That’s all wonderful news, but we were talking about reducing input costs - saving money. EnduraINK PRO 220ml cartridges cost 20% less than OEM eco ultra cartridges. You can save even more if you can upgrade to a bulk ink system. That’s why we have customers asking if they can use 440ml cartridges in our PrismJET VJ54 and VJ64 printers.

The bad news is 440ml carts won’t work because these printers not designed for vertical ink cartridge loading. The ink cartridges are inserted horizontally. A 440ml cartridge is twice as long and the relentless pull of gravity tends to loosen the seal. Having 440ml cartridges sticking out of the back also creates an impact hazard that can damage the printer. So you can’t put 440ml cartridges in your PrismJET VJ54 or VJ64 printer.

The good news is, now you can leapfrog the 440 cartridges and use the High Capacity Ink Adapter with 1,000ml (one liter) bags of EnduraINK PRO ink. The 1,000ml ink bags include chipped smart cards and plugs, just like OEM bags. The bags sit in the adapter which sits in the ink cartridge slot in the back of the printer and connects the ink bag to the printer’s ink delivery system.

FIG 2: Installation is easy with the pictorial guide

The high capacity adapter is reusable. You only need to purchase one for the initial conversion. From then on, just replace the bags as needed. OEM Eco Ultra 1,000ml ink bags are priced at $279.00 each. EnduraINK PRO ink bags are only $214.99. That’s an immediate savings of 23% verses the OEM bulk ink option. The cost per liter is 20% less that the EnduraINK PRO 220ml cartridges and a whopping 33% less than OEM 220 ml cartridges. It’s savings on steroids. Okay, now for the fine print. EnduraINK PRO is fully warranted for use with PrismJET branded printers. But the high capacity adapter and bags are not compatible with all PrismJET printers. At this time, they’re certified for use with the VJ54 and VJ64 only. Use of one liter ink bags in PrismJET VJ48 or VJ24 printers is neither recommended nor supported.

Use of EnduraINK PRO ink with an approved PrismJET printer will not affect your warranty. The adapter and bags are also compatible with Mutoh ValuJet 1324, 1324X, and 1624, 1624X, 1638, and 2638X printers as well. But, since all printer manufacturers automatically void the warranty if third party ink is used, we advise that you only use EnduraINK PRO in your ValuJet if it’s out of warranty. Then you can enjoy reduced printing cost without risking contentious conversations in the unlikely event that your printer needs to be serviced. Installation is easy. We have a simple pictorial user guide that walks you through the process of placing the bags in the adapter and the adapter into the printer. Click here to download the document.

Bag & Adapter Bundle

If you’re ready to make the jump to big savings, there’s another way to save even more. The high capacity ink adapter costs $449.00. At $214.99 each, the adapter and one set of ink bags would normally cost $1,308.96. You can purchase the high-capacity ink adapter and a set of CMYK ink bags in a money-saving bundle for only $1,199.00. That’s still a considerable amount, but it’s a down-payment on dramatically reduced printing costs.

Converting your PrismJET VJ54 or VJ64 to EnduraINK PRO one liter ink bags will reduce those costly inputs without affecting the quality of your output. You’ll get great color, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance. You can keep using your Eco Ultra ICC profiles. Plus you get the comfort of knowing you’re using an ink that carries the highest level of consumer safety certification. All for up to 33% less. Your printing processes will be much more profitable. If your accountant kisses you, we’re not liable.


*out of warranty