Cell Phone Etiquitte - Rude Cell Phone User
Do you put your needs first when using your cell phone?

Moral decency is declining in many aspects of life, and the mobile phone has not been left by the wayside. Unfortunately, many people misuse their mobile devices in public and in private, leaving a strain on professional and personal relationships. As sign business owners we need to be responsible in handing our mobile phones.

Consider the following 5 scenarios presented to help you decide if your mobile usage is reasonable and decent.

Scenario 1 – You are sitting down to meet with an important client for dinner. Your mobile phone rings. What course of action do you take? Should you (a) let the call go to voice mail, (b) say, “Hang on a sec, I really need to take this call”, or (c) excuse yourself from the table momentarily to take the call? In an ideal world, we wouldn’t get interrupted with calls, but the truth of the matter is, it happens. If the call is important, and we’re talking life or death, you would want to excuse yourself from the table and take the call elsewhere. However, the best thing to do is to let the call go to voice mail and attend to it after you meet with the client.

Scenario 2 – A prospective client has just arrived in your office to meet about signing a contract. All of a sudden your Led Zepplin ringtone interrupts the conversation. Do you (a) laugh it off, (b) apologize, or (c) show off your air guitar skills? Best course of action here depends on the client. Traditionally, an apology will work, however you may be able to make light of the situation with a casual remark. Don’t pick up your air guitar though; this is a professional setting. Honestly, you may want to think twice before setting an outlandish ring tone. Traditional tones are never offensive, and vibrate is never a bad choice.

Scenario 3 – You bought a new smart phone because (a) everyone else has one, (b) you want to show off pictures of your kids everywhere you go or (c) you are working on a mobile app/website for your business. The latest advances in technology can be great for your small business. However, give deep thought to the reasons why you are putting money into your smart phone/laptop/iPad. If you don’t need it, or don’t plan on using it productively, it is a waste of money for your business.

Scenario 4 – You’re on your way to a job site when an employee at the office calls. Do you (a) pull the car over and take the call, (b) keep driving while you text one-handed “driving- call l8er”, or (c) take the call on your hands-free set? At one time or another we have all been guilty of texting while we drive. However, if you can shell out the bucks to buy an expensive new iPad for your business, why not invest in a hands-free headset for when you are in the car? It makes talking on the phone easier, and legal, in most States.

Scenario 5 – You’re headed out to eat at a new restaurant. After being seated at your table with your party you proceed to pull out your smart phone and check in via Four-square, update your Facebook, and tweet about how excited you are to dine here. Do you consider yourself (a) deeply connected to the virtual world, (b) a product of the social media generation or (c) utterly self-absorbed? While you may think you are just staying connected, and chances are you are a product of the social media generation, more than likely people just few you as self-absorbed.

Take a break from the virtual world, and enjoy the people around you. Let’s see if we can get back to having manners when it comes to our mobile phone usage. SIGNWarehouse.com